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Tell me why’d you call me for the umpteenth time
She said that she can’t get enough of valencrime
Sorry gotta tell ya you not on my mind
Don’t know
the umpteenth time that I'm late

I wanna be your superman,
I'm trying to save our love the best way that I can,
Cause these girls they're like
on the East Side
Hit me up and wanna know if I could stop by
Now I'm contemplating what I'm gonna say
'Bout this being the umpteenth time that I'm late

I wanna
Well I heard it on the late night radio
For the umpteenth time headin' from LA to the Florida coast
I was between black coffee and shifting gears
on the grind, stop fuckin' with mine
For the umpteenth time, I'm a baller by nature
Schooled by the best, fuck a hater
Never lay low, let 'em know, out of mind,
Let's fly away to the other side...

Let's fly away to the other side
Wipe the slate clean for the umpteenth time
Start in again on a life of crime
From disappointments tears come, they fall
But I don't answer the umpteenth times that you called
The unread messages when you go texting my phone
Susie said she'd seen you and you were doing fine
Then Billy butted in and changed the subject for the umpteenth time
Julie walked up and said
Is it wise to do it?
Or like hearing for the umpteenth time, 
Some despise
Don't you fall asleep there's lots of things 
I need to say that just
placed the Gods
In a zip-lock bag
I've put them in a drawer
They've refused my prayers
For the umpteenth time
So I'm evening up the score

the umpteenth time we kick rhymes about something
Can't front I'm frustrated with heads that don't listen
My position's offbalance
It's a constant challenge
All my bangles and my chains multiplied by the umpteenth
Why and when did I come to buy all this junk bling
Cheese was goin', flowin' out my wallet,
How many times have I told you I'm sorry girl
This might've been the umpteenth
We kiss and make up I buy flowers 
But this time you left me a note
the umpteenth time
He crosses the channel between the realms
His muse by his side
But so it goes, this itch is driving me insane
Oh how he knows to push my
for the umpteenth time
Thank you for starting me
I humbly tell my hungry self that this is what a god should be

They didn't approve this shoutout when
For the umpteenth rhyme
Cordination; an abomination
I'm bombin this and yet
I stand still with no relation
To the rich headass next to me
strapped to the umpteenth degree 
Never scared to squeeze, never scared to bleed man listen I'm living a dream  
On my way to bigger stacks and I ain't
not again, trying to sell me something the umpteenth time
Why can't he finally, just leave me here alone

Hey, Please stop that reggae music, go out
For the umpteenth time
Are you out your mind
Bloody hell, you talk rubbish
Knew you didn't have budget
We was making light convo
He was switching up
Back for umpteenth
I can't give up the craft like it's a raft
I'm outcast on in some sea
Some see me as some fiend
Well I'm quite crack despite that
Don't you waste your time on some nonsense
My father used to tell me like
Don't you waste your time
Don't you waste your time

My dad was my umpteenth
The son I gave birth to
Is claiming, for the umpteenth time 
My attentions with hysterical crying
His face is devoid of expression
Open wide that
Ancestral flight
...into the depth
I will celebrate the umpteenth passage ritual
A new baptism in a space without time
Tisipnon, fury of the occult
yourself 'til umpteenth you'll be runted for the hunting
Like a bunch of Humpty Dumpties left in dozens for the dumping
Fuck your grunting you get nothin',

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