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vo'a pitar si te cojo
(¡Fuera de base!) yo soy el umpire
(¡Fuera de base!) (arbitro, pillo)
(¡Fuera de base!) que, no amenaces o te saco de la base
Spring training - get some!
Are you a
Verse Hitter
Or an Umpire?
Swing a
Triple brothers?
Win the Pennant Race
Are you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Aye, so fire
So fire, so fire, aye
So fire, so fire
So fire, so fire
Aye yo, I'm so fire, shot caller like an umpire
No one else
Shots fired
Killed the beat, it's on fire
Dismiss this shit like an umpire
Drip drip drip that's ma attire
Shots fired
Killed the beat, it's on fire
on defence back and slide like Harry Maguire
Stand back and watch this game I don’t play cos I’m the umpire
Double r but this ain’t for hire
You see I’m back
The king of the ring heres the empire 
Callin plays every pitch like an umpire
I wont quit for a soul i cant retire 
All gas butane torch the lighter
find out who's keeping score
Tear the umpire from their throne
So let loose the dogs of war
And tie a noose behind the door
Leave them there to rot
Watchin’ white fly by the plate, umpire
Coolin’ on the six while the block on fire (While the block on fire)
Grantin’ every wish type of thrill you desire?
DOWN:Like a homerun ball
BLIND:Like an umpire's call
HARD:Like a cruel deceit
TOUGH:That's the rhythm of the beat

You worked all year to buy a brand new car
know we won't miss cuz we flyer
If you fuck up ill take your ass out like the umpire
And we tag teamed your bitch we left cum in her
Call me monsieur
The empire rings
The umpire's not laughing
The President's resented,
The Ambassador's a night club
You cannot get it out

It's stuff you cannot
They're calling for an umpire
Nobody's playing cricket
The flags are coming down everybody stands saluting
But somewhere in the distance, I can hear
To them pills, I lost my main man, R.I.P. Messiah
I been ahead of the game, no cap, I ain't talkin' no umpire
If it's smoke, we leave 'em blinded, yeah
The umpires are the government
I guess they took him out the game, and replace him
with a pinch-hitter, in the scam he was a quitter
So the cops usually
Fine mussels & selected brains
The trimmings of slim victory
Over the smelly waters
Of "See a World and Eat it"
Shocked by a whaling umpire's trumpet
waves just wash you ashore
To the dugout and now I'm a batter
Even though I have no clue what to do
And then I get drained too
I see the umpire
that’s When you will find
Everything that you desire niggas Be high but I really be higher
Calling the shots like I’m the Umpire
Head Huncho they be
Lock load aim fire
Gloves off, fists lock, I saw fire
Lock up your daughters, your mothers and nans
Back with a vengeance JB & The Gang
Here we're all Umpire's
Stuck in the grey between loyalty and unbiased
Money in pocket jammin with Bob and Dennis
Red gold green string tie in every box
come off as rude when I 
Call you out like the umpire 
It's less talking when them guns Fire
I ain't wit none of that shit 
But I don't run either 
Nothing but pure smoke in the air
I’m an umpire how I get em outta here
It’s a mental battle but your mind ain’t clear
Slavery brought God kingdom
on strife like the 
Umpire I still strike Like the umpire I will strike
For many to recognize realize through theses eyes
Though it comes wit time I tap into
a rough ryda
Others tryna score she dey offside am
Say it's going down if I south side am
This game we dey play need no umpire

Shawty stay
about what they said
I aint no killer but Don’t try me
Put numbers on your head
For real
They waiting on the call from me like and umpire
There can’t be

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