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couldn't even afford Reebok's
It was Payless shoes and holy socks
Then I started to earn G-knots
Screamin' F-T-I on TV spots
Livin' the lovely life we
Man, I turn on the TV man
I was in the mall, one of the rappers I seen
Up at the mall wearin' the gold chains, one of the guys from BET
Man them
aboard the pinnacle benders
I got West Nile virus on my TV in the Bronx
I got two hollow pockets and a sleepy hollow mosh pit
Tryin' to blow the spot
thinking about beef I be thinking bout big numbers 
On top of things running shit why you bitches going under 
If I take your ass on this track it'll
Rhymes faster than a speeding bullet
Has more rhymes than a train has tracks
Able to leap sucker MC's in a single rhyme
Look, at the jam,