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come back to our house 
Everybody gonna do the U.K Jive 

Dad's got a crate of beer and it's an open invitation 
He's ever-so elated and so are his
about you, thinking about you
In Japan, U.K
And every other way
I'm thinking about you, thinking about you

Think about you when I breathe
Even when
to be anarchy, no dog's body
Anarchy for the U.K
It's coming sometime, it may be
I give a wrong time, stop a traffic light
Your future dream is
Chile Malawi
Bequai St Vincent
Trinidad and Norway
China Canada
U.S.A. and U.K
Nepal Nigeria
Ethiopia North Myanmar Panama
Philippines Nicaragua
take it to the U.K
T.N.T. consider the topic it's the function for why I'm in the tropics
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon

(Not one place) If we just go for
to rough 
must be smokin to much puff 
divert or be deceased 
u.k rapper stabbed in nappa 
cause of gossip cause of chatter 
he's still breathin he's
Ok (Ok) U.K get up
Mega. listen
Everyone put ya fists in the air now
(air now, air now, air now)
Everyone put ya fists in the air now(air now,
that I'm wrong
What I want, when I want it
I don't wanna get along

From the tower to the shores of U.K
We give a fuck what you think, we all believe in