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Your love made a U-turn
Away from me
Your love made a U-turn
Left me standing in the street

How I'd wait all night long
Trying to see where did I
Yeah, ay yo
2000 it's us
Yo, it's time to u-turn
Ya heard me?
You're either with us, or against us, yo

It's been some years now
Since we hit
And start to focus, change who I've been
Give me a second, let me u-turn
Write you the love song you've earned

I been at this so long I can barely stand
a u-turn
Much too fast for a u-turn

Oh no, I know I should go
But it feels so good now

I've gotta get to you
I've gotta get to you
I've gotta get
Here it is.
Here it is.
Make a turn around,
Make a U-turn now.

Hey you!
If anybody's home, I'm trying to get through
With a story for you.
are miles of metaphor
Don't crack up
It don't add up
No U-turn
You turn and mean catwalk
So take off
Tick tock
Whose gonna fix your walk?
Where's the goddamn exit?

Never you mind all the others
Influencing your next move
I know it's hard
'Cause you've got a lot to prove

La la
way street, no u-turn to get back to me
Running close to empty but I'll, I'll never say goodbye
(I'll never say, I'll never say, I'll never say)
There's a lot of sexy curves coming up tonight
[Chorus x2]
There'll be no detour signs to worry about
Or no u-turns keep on going oh baby
You can
the place of peace of mind
Losing all sense of direction.

When you're light years
Too far away to turn you back on substitution
There is no u-turn
said it was reckless U-turn
And someone said another Sunday driver

Let's go see who's in an accident
See who's poking through the floor boards
I kept making a U-turn
Ended up with a sunburn
But the lesson that I learned
Was worth the skin that peeled

I climbed so many mountains
It’s not even
sally there's a boulder in the alley and it's lookin' like a no u-turn
I'm scared to death lord I'm holdin' my breath, it looks like we're gonna get
seems it’s up to us
So wish us luck

I kept making a U-turn
Ended up with a sunburn
But the lesson that I learned
Was worth the skin that peeled
dropped me off at the hotel
I took a u-turn into the bar
I sat down on a stool out by the pool
Next to a lady smoking a Cuban cigar
I ordered a drink
got the cush, Kettle One, waiting for your engine
Your Grand Prix attention, it's gonna be a party 

Don't forget to make a U-turn
I see you left
Like a U-turn out of the blue
Once you're strong enough to face it

Thought I'm standing by your side
I feel so lonely I could cry

Never say die
Baby we've journeyed too far
No U-turns my sweetheart

Hmm, hmm, yeah my, hmm, yeah
Hmm, hmm, yeah my, hmm, yeah

You got me, got me
We took a u-turn down on 42nd street
Almost hit another car
Spilled my coffee on my jeans and I said
"Aw, they're ruined now"
She said
“for U-turns it’s the second right”
And the thought that I could die
Getting out of my car trying to stop
A crazy blind New Jersey traffic-jam
a u-turn hot on his heelsand getting hotter again

Out of the frying pan, right into the fire
She keeps turning the heat up one degree higher
She leaves
when I see you
Cos every night the stars will shine
Merging in to u-turn signs
Anythin' they can just to change my mind
When I pass your road I can't
Did a U-turn
Ducked the cops
Serving rocks
Made it to the top of her
Fucking going Pop

I’m so groovy
I got power
I’m so groovy
I got power
Till I stop seein' that face I'm ready to ramble

Let's nake a U-turn and head back

We may be thumbin' ourselves pretty soon less you get more
out hopped in u-turn hopped out
K’s up bah bah raise up blaze up
Back to the species that did take your breezy
Your ho is so easy fasheezy my neezy

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