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and celly's
Us dollar, ain't worth what it's printed on, 
Backed by the pentagon, sounds like babylon, 
So I babble on, some of us stuck 
In them
a game mane

[Chorus: x2]
Got white shawty cheap cheap price shawty
I'm in the club with that real clear ice shawty
I want a bitch that can do
might be on your radio on every Sunday.
So listen what your DJ plays. (2x)
You-ROY will be gone by the end of the day
Michigan & Smiley in a different
don't, the Dogg won't survive 

We ballin' in my opinion eternal was wild wheel spinnin' 
One sip a minute is represented for five minutes 
love it, cats with big budgets

We be gel two jets and Tar Smith luggage
Clowns talkin' rubish and pretendin' they thuggish
But I'm a young livin'
I'm running from the firm in the novel by Grisham. 
Or Tommyknockers, by Mr. King, 
On the run and this ain't no dream. 


Hiding out
couldn't get by me, why me 
A soldier that has a backround of murders and robbery 
That shit that used to be my hobby 
Never do it sloppy, make the job
featuring DJ Rogers  Puff 

[Intro: La the Darkman  (DJ Rogers & Puff)] 

Yeah. Yeah. One. Two. 

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. (Oh) 

Time for
mi enemy nuh worry cah mi nah badda dun dem (dun dem)
Ah di teacha don Corleone

Mi want a million dollar by a morning
Route di chromastic nuh
the street, and I ain't got much more than you
But you still want to jack for my six-two
Impala, it's all about the dollar
You claim you're gonna bust if I
smashing, make it jump like everlasting
God body Ramadan, thirty day fasting
Six two brown skin fellow with the Caesar fade
360 waves, side burns with
now, right now, right now)

[Hook Part 2 - Mr. GZus]
When you want to get these riches (right now)
When you want to fuck these bitches (right now)
Chorus: x2
Some niggas Blood and some niggas Crip(uh huh)
Some niggas thugs and some niggas is bitch(what?)
Some niggas ain't got nothing some
one two way back
Like a silk wife beater 
And a wave cap or the wave pool at blue bayou
And I waved fool as I blew by you
Hello, hi you, 
I can buy
[Chorus] x2
We makin' swoll funds, we carry swoll guns
And when they get to poppin' bitch I bet you sure run
We get this bitch off the chain until
by leaders
They watching, birds clocking
Its my time in this game
I entered the stage like black Moon Sae
So get your Smith and Wesson
And buck
was I wrong
Approving million dollar deals from my iPhone
I'm a take it one two way back
Like a silk wife beater
And a wave cap or the wave pool at blue
the flame, I'm mother fucking Gorgeous, woah
As the gull wing doors lift, Karate Kid, crane kick, no Jaden Smith
Whiter than that coke brush that they paint
Nigga, what you say? I said my name is mr. smith
Yo, I want you to state the business
You know what I want why y'all to do? do your thing, do
Mike Tyson fought Ali in his prime?
What if Will Smith got gangsta, and start cursin' rhymes?
What if Erick never met Parrish?
Think they'd be makin'
Ain't playin geek, I want every problem (I'm 'bout to spaz)
Two thousand dollars for the newest snake collar
Been a swager, had dollar
Raw clean,
come with a chrome y'all can makin' hoes pay the cost
Infrared to ya head full of lead yawkin' lames
You can betcha by the dollar that I'm spittin'
street flame, they call me Sweet James
Or call me Sir Jones, two hundred dollar cologne

Board Nine or Issey Miyaki
I got your girl mine, meat strong like
York for two days around Grammy winners
Come back home straight to the money getters
About fourteen thousand dollars worth in twenties
Brown paper bag
Bigger than life (million dollar music, flashy life style)
Oh when the sun goes down we gonna be alright (yeah, the sun do shine, nigga)
This is

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