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have time to be dealing with this
Send another pic, I'm Tweeting this shit
I'll knock down that confidence bitch!
Screenshot dat - I'm Tweeting this
and play and then rewind
You won't figure it out watching a YouTube video

I'm tweeting to no one
I'm tweeting to no one
I'm tweeting to no one
I'm tweeting
I just got an ounce and I flipped it plus thirty
They tweeting tweeting tweeting
And they beefing beefing beefing
The kid just out here scheming
Shawty say she fucking with me but I think she lyin

Always see on her Snapchat that she always be cryin

She stay tweeting to other guys
Why you
What I would do, how things would go-so
Pick up the phone girl, pick up the phone girl
Pick up the phone girl, pick up the phone
I'm tweeting for my
Bury all my sorrows in a coffin
All my enemies are feeling boujie 
Tweeting talking shit about ma niggas
Undertaker chopping bodies like it's chicken
don't give a fuck
Don't waste my time for this
I'm making my dollars, dollars while they're tweeting tweets

Nah, I don't give a fuck
Y'all can suck
said it ain’t time
Drop a A.P bust down
For a Hundred thou
Only time a nigga lacking
Is when I’m riding Cadillacs
Fuck all that sub tweeting
Nigga Say
Lover or a quitter
Tweeting on Twitter
I might have to hit her
Might have to hit her
Lover or a quitter
Tweeting on Twitter
I might have to hit her
Are you for me?
Baby I adore you, you adore me
See you tweeting next thing you ignore me 
I wanna fuck your friend you start to bore me
You getting
We ain't tweeting
Bout no glocks
We go to war with
Knock knock
We at ya door wit it
Go head pull around
The corner
Swing the k and ima
you're baking
I'm not posting what you're faking now 

I'm not tweeting what you're tweeting 
I'm not liking what liking what you're liking now
Don't troll
a reason but you never could digest 
Like all the reading you be tweeting 
Get together your mind set

Sorry I ain't see you had a hell of a night 
Party I
niggas do all that tweeting and talking
Got damn
Leave tht to y’all cuz we cannot say wat we doing
Opp pack
Just put up some bands so body bag he in
to a milli (Bang, Bang)
Cause these niggas is real fake, (Mmm)
They sittin at home and theky tweeting (Gang)
If I catch them alone they ain't with it (Prrr)
the weekend
I'm linking up with a rican
She blessing me like I'm sneezing
I aint got time for no tweeting
If I don't like you I aint speaking
I'm blowing
I be in the club late night
My phone says you're online
Tweeting on your mobile
Baby you're the one I want
But when I’m in the club late night
haten caught em leaching out
I know alotta shit that i cant even speak about
Alotta of voodoo in the air boy what you tweeting bout
Ayy wat you tweeking
and give em that
Bro want a brain, he goin insane he tryna spin on that
Like fuck the tweeting bitch im maxed im tryna show dat boy
Nigga say he from
tweeting ass
Nigga far from nice way below decent ass nigga
Hit him where it hurts I pull up like a perv with a skirt
I go berserk I raise my flag on your
the beginning
Keep on tweeting tweeting tweeting 'cause
Love is stronger than your bullshit hate
And even if my words sound so cliché
Gotta rise together against
Tweeting out those Thoughts and Prayers
Those are easy words to say
In the pocket of the NRA

The politicians know their role
Never speak of gun control
but her son outside
15 this lil' n***a got a gun outside
Its real
I ain't really wit the tweeting s**t
N****s tweeting bout
How they don't be
Some real, some fiction, man, fuck the system
They got us tweeting hype, to hide the issue

We're addicted to the dopamine (dopa, dopa, dopa)

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