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message when you tweeted me
And you're askin' me when I'm free
Said you left it in the form of a letter
You e-mailed me to make me feel better
Jamaica I'm still holdin' on my chalice
Rims on my Ferrari, my bitch said that I went childish
'Til I fucked the girl, the girl tweeted that I was stylish
as far to give me her Twitter name
She said, "I tweeted you and told you the same thing"
But, she said, "I never thought I'd meet
And you cuter in real
sleeping till two weeks from next week
This hoe gone fuck me 'cause my tweet
And I only tweeted if she wife she get a treat

I put ice all on my body, I
swear man I'll never ever bite that hand
Look nigga I was gassed when Skepta tweeted at my tune
Just the fact that he's seen my stuff
'Cause when
I admit it, ayy
'Cause I ain't text you back but I tweeted, ayy
Yeah, my bro, I know that you had to see it
'Cause you send emoji faces all mad
with pipe dreams
So Kanye tweeted tellin' people, hes bumpin' all of my shit
These motherfuckers think I'm supposed to live up to something? shit
shock, on Twitter venting
Then one of my fans tweeted that Mike Brown deserved it
I said, man, you dumb as fuck
Imagine you went to the store for blunts
And if you ask me, I am just another nigga man
But just the other day JJ Watt tweeted a nigga name
'Ro you need to learn how to love yourself
on her, but hoe now I think I'll pass
I'd rather smoke on a blunt I get so high I get tweeted
I try to stop smokin so much, K-Roc keepin me weeded
Jus back
They'll never get it tweeted, I bring hell when I nail
Ya bitch, don't incite the sniper
Hope you knowing that my pipes are viper
Met you once
And I remember vividly somebody Tweeted Chuck D
And asked him who the best voices are, and he mentioned me
I did seven shows a week for like five years
written about it and tweeted about it
Which is that nothing ever changes
And that another shooting will happen every 16 hours
That Columbine was 20 years

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