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Pink sweatsuit bamboo's
With the Ugg's on
Beat it from the back
New weave getting tugged on
Spend a night here, No sleep
You getting fucked
You turned me up when I was down
I held my volume down low
Could hardly make a sound
Was out of touch and out of key
Tugged on my old heartstrings
I'm sick of goin' to my sister's stuff
That's it! That's it! Enough is enough
My arms are sore from being tugged
And my butt is sore from all this

Like autumn leaves in a wind and rain
We dance between the love and hate
Tugged by the whirls of hollow days
We fade away

I tried to deny
I tried
when we were kids, when we found the love for each other
Yeah hearts so big, we took the risk

Don't you know you tugged on my heart strings?
You made it
and I won't quit
Big dreams we big kings
Lemon pepper all on the wings
Tugged at my heart with strings
Everything's not what it seems
Put my heart
Squeezing on to life while getting tugged around in circles
Hold Up Hold Up
Feel my heart speak when the beat start
Street smarts kept me guarding
tugged along the road
And as I turned the backdoor key, I noticed what you really mean to me

Take my hand and follow me, the hills and dales seem sweet
at before)
Should I be sewn in, hugged, I can by not saying
(Still being cried and laughed at from light to blue)
And should I be hugged and tugged down
at before)
Should I be sewn in, hugged, I can by not saying
(Still being cried and laughed at from light to blue)
And should I be hugged and tugged down
see the cow?)
Weep for her

You wounded me again
Tugged at my nerve ends

I hope I can feel, I hope I'm not blind
I hope I can feel, I hope I'm not
Heart tugged in forty directions
I drag this sack away from the fact
I want you
(I want you, I want you
I want you, I want you)
Well, magnetism's
cried, just like last night
All your tears, all your fears rain down
When you tried, with all your might
You tugged and pulled your way out
Out of hell you
Felt like I should have changed it
But I rolled back my eyes
And let it suffocate me”
She grabbed my arm
Tugged it straight off my shoulder
And she
from the start
You tugged at my heart
Seduction an art
The dearly depart
I swim with the sharks
I lurk in the dark
Smoke up a cloud
Cough up a vow
Dust to dust, I don't want to let go But I must
But I can't let you fly from my hands
And I tugged and tugged, never Thought that I asked for too
I don't mean to be too emotional 
I had hopes before I tugged on the ropes 
Been fighting since 1996 
Feel younger everyday as I grow

Know the world
To this day i never had a teddy bear
Filled with hair he’d take me every fucking where
Tugged a little hard my stuffing finally teared
Now I’m in
a small frame
And I am dumbfounded
By how good is your game?
You got me hooked by the mouth
And tugged by the heart
Such a shame it took so long...

Feeling like a may go against the flow - go
Can I say thank goodness now i know 
Why mama always said don't follow crowds

Tugged to the left,
Should I be sewn in hugged I can by not saying
Still being cried and laughed at from light to blue
And should I be hugged and tugged down through this
You lift me up when I'm dripping down
Or fresh in cardigan (Cardigan)
Holding me down when niggas around
You've tugged on my heart again (Ay,Ay)
Tides rush in
Are we all being tugged by
The same unit force that tugged me in?
That tucks us in with a kiss on those brows..
It's something felt, but
I fed a fish so much that it died, I guess you could call it love
And I hit a girl and made her cry, so it must be love
I tugged on her hair like I

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