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We've lost our sight through the d???
Blinded by the illusion of slave a s???
They took us from our homeland of wealth and truth
And went back
[Words and Music by Steve Rowe]

Time Crusaders

Time Crusaders, minstrels of ancient worship
Time Crusaders, tunes from the heart of God
Beneath your calm, 
Behind your smile, 
You hide away your lies, 
Intimidating, Manipulating, 
The truth is in your eyes. 

My days and nights
this urban drama
Every day our sons and daughters are led to the slaughter
Indoctrinated by a complacent social order

Decapitated they’re trying
know the right line
And gettin by wasn't gettin by we had to steal and lie and some of us died
We were on borrowed time and the clock was tickin'
God's truth in
Romans and Psalms we learn that all people fall
But what would you expect knowing David and Paul
Have you met 'em? Them fellas know how we
remember like yesterday what he said when we took that walk
"Son don't you ever tell no lie, even if the truth burns"
Everyday my mind goes back to all those
deposited into the ground
When I hit you with truth it hurts
You'll rather here about those spooks and ghosts

[Chorus X2: Poetic]
Don't let it get you down
the propane flows

Chosen one, I'm the living proof
With the gift of gab from the city of truth
I jabbed and stabbed and knocked critics back
And I did not
to stomach the truth like a bulimick
its a dirty game and nobody is willing to clean it
But this is for the paralygics, people dreamin' of runnin'
The story begins like a Dickens Novel, David Copperfield "I am born"
And naw nigga we all just can't get along
5996 A-L The Year of Light Illuminati
blessed us
Because man messed up, the media dressed up
Lies perpetrated as truth, and it left us
Confused, but I've seen it all before
>From Babylon
wherever you go, September, G
Hellified, tell the truth, don't lie
I don't have the luxury to play I must provide
Melody, border of my musicianary missionary
call on them to help out when there is a threat
But I guess it's because I'm white, if I was black I'd be scared to death
When David Banner asked us
don't mean shit
"Why does the devil lie?" It means the truth don't mean shit
The media molds us, the government controls
The judge and jury, plus
me with E's
He got a cousin named David and I seen him last week
This is the life of another girl damaged by the system
These foster homes, I run
even if I gotta
Fuck, suck and swallow in the parking lot
Gonzales Park, I'm followed by a married man, a father of three
My titties bounce
by the pen
Now die by the sword
Tears through your gaurd, got you through the mic cord
It's fine but explored, but just fine wine is poured
blessed us
Because man messed up, the media dressed up
Lies perpetrated as truth, and it left us
Confused, but I've seen it all before
>From Babylon