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I need you to pretend
That we are in love again
And you agreed to.

I want so badly to believe
That there is truth,
That love is real.
drunk off your hundred and eighty-proof ninety-percent truth
Ten percent lie you were sent by
Lord of the flies, but angel of light is the alias he went
Well it was late one night, walking through the park
With my leathered down coat and wallabee Clarks
Getting my step on, big shit, big six, big
how people build a wall of truth by 

telling lies - we dropped disguises, deciding our angles 

shouldn't be hiding, and everybody shouts "TRY
social, date of birth, address, city and state
When the form is complete pass it on to Angela Clark
To determine your eligibility and get you insured
[intro: buddha monk]
Allah is god, we came here to travel
And speak the truth to those who do not know themselves.
We do the knowledge to everythin
on, come on, come on, come on,  yea
Yeah, real warriors style)

[Masta Killa]
Hear the crowd start holla
Stepped on stage in the  wallabee clark
feelin' high and the blunt ain't sparked yet
The truth hit the booth just like it was Clark Kent
No time for the weak games the renegade freaks play