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came to the trustee, between hope and fear,
The trustee made answer, "She has not been here."

The trustee spoke over with courage so bold,
"I fear she's
said,”Go on and sail the sea”
Baby can you hold this weight? I can make you my trustee
She said,”You got my head fucked up”
I know what it must be, MarcNasty
And if they're weak they are worthless
When Mr. Trustee tells you that everything's alright
You feel relieved and you just close your eyes
No matter what
See the trustee, walk up from behind 
Real quick shank shank, leave his ass red 
Motherfucker dead, from two to the head 

See where I come from
See the trustee, walk up from behind 
Real quick shank shank, leave his ass red 
Motherfucker dead, from two to the head 

See where I come from
say how pathetic passed out on the floor
This trustee complicit
Who collectively ignore

Do you still believe in all the things
That you stood by
Carrying me far away
I just send a wink to the trustee
Check's in the mail, it's time to pay
Freeze out, I squeeze out something
To stumble out, stumble
I can see your mind's eye staring
Planning on changing the world just like me
You could be the chairwoman
And I'll be the trustee
Let me give
am enemy or a trustee fellow
In your wailin' mind

I hear your silent cries
I'm the shade in the shadow
I know your secret lies
I'm the shade in
Nelson nigga, you run flush, the crocodile hat
Cowboy rap, hammer game trustee
Diamonds on from Ghana, Boca Ratona, yeah
With the middle name Lex, pop my
wasn't who I thought I was
Wasn't anything at all

I wanna be everybody, I wish that I wasn't me
I'm the bones of the dead - Superhero-trustee
Now seven
By the itchy index of an umbilically-garped fraggle baby
Fragile maybe, you think?
Chopped shop and a mislead, maladjustee trustee locked box
on a trustee
Because all I see, is a gang of black and brown faces
missin they shoelaces
Headed for the gang module
After they processed to get shit off they

You’re eating the fruit of a poisonous tree
Being trustee of the Cestu Que Vie
Condemning yourself to admiralty
The unrighteous law
yo hold up
Your car, your keys, your deed, indeed
Trustee, to read, guaranteed, to me
Your stocks, assets, you can keep, your debts
Head as good as it
For my heart you're the sole trustee
You're a queen sitting on this throne
I be Naija that no mean you no go trustee me
And For road side police thema check gallery
Cos a times sef police they are owe salaries
Driving many
of conspiracy
There was no choice but to decree
The death of Christ
As Caesar's trustee

Was it not necessary that the Christ suffer these things? 

From there,
it ain't necessary
Leave a nigga in the cemetery
Finessing jugging they don't trust me nigga undercover trustee
Yo baby daddy paying bus fees
a real gee, a trustee you can guarantee
If you wanna be me, you break these walls and then calm your motherf***ing ba**s
Them say we no go rise but I say
a favor
He can bridge the gap
From the trustee to the trap
From preacher to the pimp
It don't matter where you at
Even if you carry gats
His love will feel
taunt me
Wipe a trustee nose all by my lonely
Send me the gaffle now I act phony
Im to on point you know grind be on it
Show me my opponent I already won
I'm not exactly what you make me out to be
What I foresee, you're not a trustee
You got a goatee and I got the master key, aye
In this verse, I'll
Hoga tu trustee
Par mera poora school hai
Jhuul bey
Ped ki daal pe
tootegi jab wo toh hoga
Behaal bey
Sawaal hai
Tere charitra pe
Apna dekh le tu

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