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(No This can\'t be happening
It\'s too good to be true)
매일 하루하루 기다리게 돼
네가 있어 나는 너무 행복해 Oh
(Leggo G.NA!)
첫눈에 한눈에 알 수 있었죠
Always my luv
Oh my luv my
Stayin' outta trouble support your troops
Yo one luv 'cause and blood
Pass me the dank
Oh no G that ain't me
I don't drink or smoke just
to the moon
Goin' up!

They love your moves made 'til you make moves
Achievin' new feats every few 8 shoes
16, took a nigga dream different
Had SOBs lookin'
of commission, love, willin and wishin
'Cause I'm feelin the need to cut off da air dat you breathe
By any means it's Ja and E no in beetweens

Now we
or d-i-i-i-e}
Right now by any meanz
{Words is bond word is bond}

[Ja Rule]
Ain't nobody touchin da ground dat I walk on 
My Love, It's just so strong
feat. dumb-dumb, Happy P, Low-G, Diamond, Grimm, Baby Beesh, Lil Bing
[Intro: dumb-dumb and Happy P]
(Lighting a joint)
sleep right tonight
now I suppose the pretty horses in fours could love more
but I'm exhausted by the scope of this dark god on opiates
breakfast for
catcher, drops ya, slasher
Dat's the the bastard with the fastest ass capture
No moonwalk, my tune's talk all by they fuckin lonely
Phone me home I'm in