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Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana
Let's make a movie, get it on camera
And it'll be the best of your life
I met her once, hit it twice, that's a hell
Just watch, off 'em

Now pan the cameras back to me and Pamela's
Amateur threesome with Hannah Montana's manager
And Miley feedin' me
Hannah Montana
Real French shit on my fwet du bwee
It's the 3 musketeers
No guest emcee
My Alexandre Dumas when I'm rhyming too raw
Rest in peace Ol'
Small town boy from Montana, he wore a red bandana
with a guitar always close at hand
led by his intuition, he had but one ambition
to become
Back when Dot was hangin' at Top's in the Benzo
Freestylin' to them Chronic instrumentals
No pens and pencils, I was out there Bloodin' like
know it's true
But there's no livin' with you so what'll I do
I'm goin' honky tonkin', getting' tight as I can
And maybe by then you'll 'preciate
friends forever 

and i hope you never part 

i hop you know what i feel for you 

to spill my heart was what i had to do 

keep it true and show me
(b. andersson, b. ulvæus)

Varför ska det vara så seriöst för, alltid?
Nä, I england
I know the world got you down
Bound by the problems and troubles of life
Full of strife pain and misery 
Looking for true peace love
They've fooled us into thinking
They're friendly and people-minded,
But it's not true, it's just an image.

RZ: Oh yeah?

SN: Yeah!

They're deep
by the 9
Fuck the dumb shit, I run this, a whole life of crime
Ain't never had shit, but always had my pistol, bitch
187, don't make me whistle, bitch
Yet it seems to me they're actin' more like man's best friend
Yo, I never knew that I would write this like
But if my Father's the light than I inherit
[Lil' Rob]
Hey what's up homeboy
Lil' Rob back up in this motherfucker homey
Kicking back with Royal T, Frank V, Yogi, Silencer, and True Breed