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I'm like Thomas doubting
Fingers routing the scars
Of Your wrists and side
Touching flesh will make my mind believe

But I want to be like David
It's on my mind, baby, it's always
Trouble, trouble, trouble
Trouble, trouble, trouble
And all my light lately, call on me to
like Thomas rolling by his side
He couldn't be in better company
There they go, heading for the Steamworks
Whistles blow, listen to the rolling
elide; apho kwaqala khona inkathazo -zozo??? 
(Come closer my friend 
Here follows a long tale about where the trouble started 
I was raised by my
Can't feel nothing but your life flyin' by
You got trouble on your hands, trouble on your mind

Grandpa had him a wanderin' eye
He must a passed it
Album: The Bluebird Recordings 1938 RCA #66796
With Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman) - piano
Probably Willie Hacher - mandolin and Robert Lee McCoy - gtr
[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

Riding down the valley of the Kings
I hear the song of a thousand years
Once you've seen the things that I have
[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

Do you remember the time when I was afraid and alone
You took me into the light and showed me the way back home
I was born in the midnight
Long before the break of day
Born in the midnight hour
Called the witching hour, they say

Nobody knows the trouble
Coltrane and her cosmic strains
Still no vocal on blue black horizons

Your plasticity is tested by a formless assault
The sun can answer questions in
the bad luck will creep up and catch you by surprise
Your mind's confused,
You feel misused
You've got to leave those troubles behind

for a mind at work, work, work
Whoa, whoa work	

Wooh there’s nothin’ like summer in the city
Someone in a rush next to someone lookin’ pretty
[Originally by Billy Bragg]

I went out drinking with Thomas Paine
He said that all revolutions are not the same
They are as different
(You know right now I've got trouble in mind) 
She's a special girl who wants to treat me right 
I can tell by the way that she walks 
A woman
You're not my boyfriend, I don't want a boyfriend.
Just make a little trouble over me.
In your kitchen, on the way to your window, walking down
[words & music by Thomas C. Hansen]

Going back in time, long before the human kind
When there was no evil minds
Driven by a force, let the nature
Imagine you could ride a thought
Like a train at a station that you've just caught
Now imagine that the head you're in
Belongs to Thomas Alva
(5) Selah

When facts rocks fiction
Always cause friction Yeh yeh yeh
Stirs the minds of, minds of non believers
Thomas the name, they answer when I
By the way she moves
Ahead of her time
She can't lose
Rain rain rain

You got trouble in mind
Gets deep 'n' worse
Oh please don't stop getting
might be on your radio on every Sunday.
So listen what your DJ plays. (2x)
You-ROY will be gone by the end of the day
Michigan & Smiley in a different
[Lyrics by Thomas Karlsson]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson]

[Solo soprano:]
Sunshine hides behind a cloud
[Solo soprano:]
By the way she moves
Ahead of her time
She can't lose
Rain rain rain

You got trouble in mind
Gets deep 'n' worse
Oh please don't stop getting
Got you in my arms and it's paradise 'til the morning light.

I see us on the shore beneath the bright sunshine.
We've walked along St. Thomas
I come up hard baby, but now I'm cool
I didn't make it sugar, playin' by the rules
I come up hard baby, but now I'm fine
I'm checkin' trouble sugar,
you don't love me, leave me 
And don't let it trouble your mind 

You've waited much too long to leave afraid of how I'd take it 
And I'm deeply touched

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