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Russian Federation …  


these niggas actin up in the hood
Send mo' troops, dear Mr. President (Me and my homies is wonderin' what's goin on, holla!)
Tell me what to do, these
niggaz actin' up in the hood
Send mo' troops, dear Mr. President
Tell me what to do, these niggaz actin' up in the hood
Send mo' troops

Why should I lie,
fix you)
So I hit it like woo woo woo woo, woo woo
You know how your kids do ooh ooh
(I'd do anything for you)

When I'm in my troop (troop)
Girl gang, girl gang, girl gang

Drop the coupe, cop the you, brought the troop out, yeah
With the new style
We the ones, we the ones
We're troops of tomorrow
We're hangin' 'round today
We're playin' tough music
'Cause it's hard times money

We need a new solution
We want it
Troop and Camo lying on the floor
They got their they whole life mapped out like my friend before

Troop and Camo know how to get it done
Wake up,
Troop's a sickness now we're lettin' Japan have it
Givin' a bad habit no matter who distributes
No matter what record label I gotta spit the truth
Knowledge, knowledge
Knowledge, knowledge

Well, it's me Troop De Don De Champion
Alongside da Paul what da fuck you want?
Da fuck you want, sharper than
Don't try to say that I threaten your freedom
We've done without for 20 years, so think if we really need 'em
We're all just slaves for the troop
British Admiral Howe's got troops on the water
Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbor

Thirty-two thousand troops in New York harbor
or two
It's the storm, y'all, callin' all troops
Watch out now, there's fire in the booth
The type of music that annihilate a dude
On-time arrival,
Better strap up your boots
Before they start to shoot
Than do it for the troops
It's young money salute
It's young money salute

Yeah, uh
So sick
The troops is near, deuce clique is my game
Fully active to your area code
Like you ain't know that we bang
It's goin' down

In my home town
Who's that walking with a whole in his head?
Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread.
What's a troop's recipe for treacherous times?
I tell
I'm on it, get on it
The troops are on fire!
Ya know I need it, much closer
I'm trading just a little more
Step on it, electronic
The troops are
Loop Troop 99' David vs. Goliath
CosM.I.C, Supreme, Promoe, DJ Embee
Check it out! (What?)

Hated by everyone
(There is no way that we
the truth, then send in your troops
Send in your troops, Send in your troops
He's just a bully, he don't know

Time to face your maker man, you may not get
Gas prices raises, the money keeps burning,
Dropout rate rising, so what are they learning?,
Sending the troops in the war so I turn in,
To today's
会場の明かり消えぬままに 想えば
来場の方に残す轍 その証

Night troop 愛を言う
何の group ただ稼ぐ
Night troop
If you won't な work

終演の名残惜しむ前に 帰れば
毎度の襲う独り様に その証

you no more)
They don't love you no more, yeah
Troops gotta cock, coupe's gotta drop
Shit starting to change so you starting to change, ah
Aye when you see me, salute me 
Like a general I'm leading the troops 
I make this G shit look so easy to do, 
And when you see me salute
Jacuzzi on the roof
Ugly hoes don't get the time of day
Chiefing on sativa
Smell the reefer from a mile away
Pistol in my coupe
Try my troops



I buy my clothes at the Gap, I really know how to rap
I like root beer on tap and I'm a shorty strapped
And like
He he he he, nobody is going to save you now

Soldiers in the front, let the heat pump
Troops on the left, fight to the death
Fam on the right,

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