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When I walk on the city pavement
It's like a trigger going off in my mind
These times are a lonely saviour
That's all I need to find

trigger off a wet dream into action
A fatal attraction, private lives are up for auction
A cupboard full of skeletons are coming out to play

I like
I didn't want the world to know
That sunlight bathed the golden glow
Lonliness is like a disease--
Triggers off my sense of unease
I was lonely
It triggers off so many hurts hurtful words and broken plates

I lied to
Now I'm fuzzy
I've been lied to

All and all the world is small enough
Sawed off double barrel, trigger happy as could be
Cupid's got a shotgun and he's pointing it at me

He's sitting in that tree stand and his wings are
the aisle, the nursery care
Could trigger off the horror
Of a life that once was there.
You don't know what it means.
Remove them with
of bloodline that ain't gonna change
So, take your pistol-pointing finger right off of the trigger
I know where to aim, hell, I'm to blame

Where there's a love,
A phenomenon that sets off the eternal trigger
And lets the light through that usually goes around
And around and around

The girl and the ghost
Meet in
seep into a thousand graves
And trigger off a zombie plague!”

“Son, what makes you think you oughta
Disobey a direct order?
of bloodline that ain't gonna change
So, take your pistol pointing finger right off of the trigger
I know where to aim, hell, I'm to blame

Where there's a love,
It's warm here but the streets are anxious for our footprints
Stardust on our boots
Cozy armchair with a checkered blanket
But the trigger is being
but shiver
Get you finger off the trigger
Lay it down in the sand

Get it out your head
Out of your hands
Lay it down in the sand
So remember
stab shoot I kill, (violence)
Kill kill kill kill
Nigga's triggers off
We burn bitches nipples off
Pull them pistols off, (violence)
For my real
that helped trigger off this awful tragedy
Now to me its still unclear just what really caused the problem here
There's much too much we've got to know
to the chorus
Join the choir, spread the words
I'll take my finger off the trigger
Just take yours off the trigger first

Look at us
Look how we shine
what may trigger off their motive for violence
Alluded the bad guys in black hats and cheated danger
'Cause the weaponry I use is holding truth in
want to live
We will live
You've got your finger on the trigger
Take it off
Let it go
Let it pass
Let it go
Police always grimy, my niggaz stay grindin'
And we'll pull the trigger, off of water of liquor
'Til you feel ya body shiver, remember
These niggaz don't
as nothing at all
Yeah there's no such thing as nothing
But my finger's on the trigger
And I'll turn off the world

So what gives me the right
To think
The people gather round,the baby is crying
The ambulance is late and the lady is dying
The trigger happy did not step off that day
But the lady with the baby
It ain’t happening
It ain’t happening

It ain’t happening
So brother take your finger off the trigger
Wrong, wrong , wrong

It ain’t happening
till all is silent,
Be still this seething blood.
Turn off, release the trigger,
Let numbness do some good
The gun is loaded when the glass is full
Down the hatch and the trigger's pulled
Off the wagon and back onto the stool
I know that when I stare into
for that nigga shooting them bitches in the motherfucking pussy hole
A nigga will shoot, killing them cops
The trigger went off, never will stop

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