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fight infections
Do the trash collection and deliver the mail
And we're all (and we're all)
Delivered by the Bloodmobile
me by the you-know-what's
Very funny, you don't say
The big enchilada
Stealing elections
Had to go down there
Trash collection
Got his
by the you know what's
Very funny, you don't say
The big Enchilada, stealin' elections
Had to go down there, trash collection
Got his cojones on my
No I'm not ready for big bad step in the direction
No I'm not ready for downtown trash before collection
Four blocks, run and hide
Don't walk
he cleans this
Garbage up
My baby loves
My baby leaves his trash all over the house
I've got to dig & dig & dig
Just to find the bathroom in
Like my dick does when watching naked women
Do sick stuff on my porn collection on television

Trust nobody
I don't know who to call
the street
I read about a plastic surgeon and his art collection.

We are played for suckers all the time
Phony rock and roll
It's a crime
I don't want
Rosie and Pauly in the back alley...
The funniest twosome that you ever did see.
Standing on a trash can, Pauly talks.
If he ain't too drunk
dick does when watching naked women
Do sick stuff on my porn collection on television

Trust nobody
I don't know who to call a friend
They all just
a smile or is it just cracker smiles?
That white trash hood shit, go deep with the crocodiles
That gummo celebrity mullet is fucking popping now
You laid
the kitchen
Blood screamin' and kickin'
Smoke fills up the sky, gasoline on the trash heap
The mattress is burnin', I hear it poppin' and snapping
The rain
I can't remember who asked me, but someone asked me
How long I thought that I would be allowed atop this trash heap
I didn't
gold from garbage is not the unchemical part of this map
But truth be told it's the pursuit of gold
That turns the goal of men into trash
The souls gold
the eye
I got folders on the jokers who talk trash
They never walk past, cause I be checkin for they're hall pass
Haul ass and let me shine like glass do
trying to have mattresses of cash
I'm trying to have the bachelor pad built up with packages and bags
No matter how many bodies amass in the trash
turn up all drippy, looking trash for the shot
Yeah I burn it like hippies, nigga high for the crop
When I turn up, yeah you can give me cash for
as a rapstar to get into a 
coochies second lips
Lou's new collections is smooth and effortless
Like 2 screwing, sweaty chicks with lubed apendages
talkin' trash
'Cause the aftermath is saying that rap is whack
(MC Chris is dead!)
On arrival, watch his rivals revel the jealous
Relish the moment their

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