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Trapping out the house with the boards on the windows
Trapping out the house with the boards on the windows
Trapping out the house with the boards
Hannah Montana
I got molly, I got white
I got molly, I got white
I been trapping, trapping, trapping
Trapping all damn night

Hannah Montana, Hannah
It's creeping
In so slow
Trapping it, nobody's home

It's creeping in
So slow
Trapping it, nobody's home

Santa, I love you baby
Oh yeah
Lil Boat!

I've been trapping all day (trapping all day)
I've been trapping all day (trapping all day)
The whole time I've been
How you could survive
The fall you had

from medicine men
To my DJ friends
They all have said
"He's got to watch his back"

they're trapping
Something to prove, something to say
Feeling secure, a false portrait
Forging alone the facts unknown
Hiding the to drag us on

to trapping
Not enough to sip, so I went and poured the whole thing (Yeah, yeah)
I just hit a lick on your whole team (Yeah)
Mix another bean, now I'm
I comprehend these laws with no particulars 
The trappings of it all can never give in turn 
A concept of counsel of the inner wealth
with a mission
So they called them up right chere

They were boxing and trapping
And shooting through the joint
Stepped right in and
Got down
in on hey
Mine is forget to win my lie
The trappings are sometimes near
Run until you're on the sad dead bear

Fight with the pen inside that
We've wiped out clans and families
My species kills off everything close to me
Eradicate all packs of wolves
Shooting, trapping, poisoning,
Monster cries inside
Devious perversions
Invade the mind
Trapping the anger
Emotional tension
Prey must be hunted
Human target sighted
Clap for a nigga with his rapping ass
Blow a stack for your niggas with your trapping ass
Clap for a nigga with his rapping ass
Blow a stack for
hand on my friend
Why you tryna beef me?

Trapping ain't dead
My connect's still breathing
Trapping ain't dead
My connect's still breathing
But inaction leaves me undisturbed
Free the embrace the finer trappings of a
Barely functioning being
Constructn' a weightless world to hold
Trapping the media's narrow view
They prepare for their intervention
A military masadventure or two
People today ask fewer questions

In a land of dragons and castles 
be a knight in armor that shines 
on a horse with trappings of silver 
Close your eyes and you`ll be there
and there's nowhere to go

Just how I get there will be anybody's guess
With all the so called trappings of success
Left all the deadbeats on the top
Break down the walls
Tear down them all
Break down the
Take down the
Shake down the

Barriers that divide
Trapping me inside
Bring apartheid
fear of losing you
Holding on and trapping you inside

Now I understand
I can't always have what I'm wanting
And now I'm wanting you
But if you
brance, the swinging gate
The distant thunder on the way
All of this can by explained
As but the trappings of the trouble
All the trouble in our hearts
that I don't even try.

Ignorance and apathy you don't know you don't care,
You measure your own worth by the classist trappings that you wear.
Hang over me the drape
Of superfluous Horror
Aside Nocturnal trapping
Wallow in my Art
Crying and dying
My sexual ecstasy
The crimson stream
their depth
Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows

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