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hold me in your arms
And tell me that I am the only one 
That you want on your arm oooh

Transitional rug
Wait a minute
Oh you anit' know sis
Bully boy shit
Bully Booooooys
Say that shit

Wanna new car
Brand new Benz
Cartier Glasses
left me
I know when you think back it's still so upsetting
I still hear your words, you said
It's nothing personal, you're just transitional
is so transitional
Momentary lapse of rational

Walking past the writing on the wall
Something apocalyptic
Then a momentary lapse of faith
I am opened at this reason me transitional
They only where you wana reach your peni gal
The father is the source of the original
That's why I am
gotta dim yours, so they can shine brighter
Just stay bright, so shine your light)

We're in a transitional world right now because 
The nature
Little boy cries wolf for he cannot see
The emperor's new clothes syndrome
This diabolical transparency
Transitional seasonal change
Come palpate
He shaved his head at the airport
In a bar at the end of the concourse
He said you're kind of catching me at a transitional time
I'm a bright
But don't you give up hope 

It's just transitional 

True love will materialize, yeah 

You're gonna find it, but 

1 - Oh baby don't look for
them live their lives
Your ration won´t suffice
You watch them live their lives

Hoping for a miracle
One unconditional
More than just transitional
and mean what I say
It's a complicated transitional phase I'm in

Would it be surprising to recognize me
Even after all this time you've seen me tryin'
Not traditional but more transitional
Lyrical Warriors are here to move us forward
Ignorance brought us to prejudice
Together they bred injustice
my dark corner and write another song

One there was lightning in Sedona thinking about what everyone does and says
Transitional period ya so much shit
But your past ain't done with you
Invisible shackles keep you further from the truth
Transitional practice make you rediscover roots
So ghetto children
Ask me what I been up too 
On my purpose, transitional 
Can't knock me off my pivot
The force is too driven
I'm focused on the mission 
T.M.C. word
Transitional feelings is hard (It is)
Ain't got time to revert I'm a dog
When I'm hungry, just feed me the punany pedigree
When it get wet I don't fall
So when
Just ride with it
Clarity's hitting, this is a transitional period
I'mma be okay!
Blacked out on a Sunday
Passed out on a Monday
It's only a minute,
Take one more step into this life
You know its Fated
I follow blindly to the light
You got me Faded
I'm drifting away, transitional phase
My mind is
off the trees, leavin' 'em bare with nothin'
Pumpkin spice in the air, fashion got me lookin' stunnin'
But fall's a transitional season, winter is
We’re still in control of it
When I wake up tomorrow
It’ll be a new day
I feel excited about the future because
Because I’m in this transitional
I'm speaking clarity
Red carpet glam
On advance
That's transitional
Sneakin past, big flasks
Facts tests and physicals
I'm so foolish
Knew that
Bordering on sorta scary like a mortuary
So the course of any shift goes
Transitional steps are tip-toed
Crept towards ever so slow
Ugh man let me write this before the storm
I’m in a transitional period of my life
And I want to put out one more album
In this album I want to talk
just wrote the verse down you can see it visual
Honest individual I'm about my residual
Young visionary I can see it transitional
You can say I'm

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