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Transgressor I am
The one
Force of the future
The new ways are stronger
(your) Weakness is (my) power
I'm the transgressor -
up my ancestors
Help me beat the odds
Protect me from my transgressors
It's black to the basics
Black to the basics
Black to the basics
esse pecador, esse transgressor
Mais uma vez, mais uma vez

Mais uma vez venho pedir o teu perdão
Mais uma vez, senhor, toma meu coração
Estou na
Exterminate the absolute
Stain the just in the blood bath
Waste the pure, butcher the divine
Annihilate the sunrise

And he was numbered with the transgressors
tend to like my mind in the gutter, too.

Seven hells to hold you,
Old Transgressor's coming out.
So make peace with all your demons
When you just don't
cross beyond these bounds
Their sinful souls are sent one place
Just beyond the hills of our cathedral
Lies a tree where transgressors expire
At the hands
Oh yes I try everyday to do what is right  
I can't escape I can't hide
The ways of the transgressor hard

Oh jezabel ay ay ay delilah at the door
Himself be regarded as a criminal
And He was numbered with the transgressors
And yet He bore
And He took away
The sin of many
And made intercession for
Se fez o caminho

Como transgressor foi achado
Como malfeitor foi contado
Sobre si levou meu pecado
Pecador se fez

Deixou para trás o seu reino
made clean 
Oh Lord
Please make me over

So I can walk with you 
And talk with you
Do all the things
That you'd have me to do 
Teach transgressors
divide the spoil with the mighty; because he poured out his soul in death, and was numbered with the transgressors; but he bore the sin of many,
Eternal moral transgressor decides not to hide anymore and release his true self
Repressed feelings emerge and are freer than ever
Altered state
numbered with the transgressors Yet he bore the sin of many and made intercession for the transgressors  We are healed All we like sheep have gone astray
of the transgressor is hard
Cain, and Abel, and their old man
Playin' croquet in the back yard
Two guys beat up the sole survivor
Up beat on the back street
The lightning death, armed with hate
Prophet transgressor, a demon from the past
The marching terror, puify the world
There's no salvation, the enslaver
Rain descends from sea again
aviso of arriving fall
serene evening of the human whore
Scorn by retrievers horde

Transgressors !
transgressors, we're all sinners, we're all astronauts
So if you're beating death then raise your hand but shut up if you're not

'Cause I am the difference maker
throw a punch or not
We are all transgressors, we're all sinners, we're all astronauts
So if you're beating death then raise your hand but shut up if
to prophecy from our ancestors
We all transgressors, uh Moses let us
Now cops arrest us, until the jake, job bless us
Left false scriptures to protect us
Priest gon' never spar


[Killah Priest]

We live in poverty due to prophecy from our ancestors

We all transgressors, uh Moses let us

Unbound God's creation
Has grown into the sinner
Abandoned innocence
Impenitent transgressor
Escape mortality
They say your life can change
Existence now is futile

Decrepit breath, vile in its stench
A world in decay
Transgressor is as one


Convulsions take the world in hand
Restore to me the joy of your salvation
And uphold me with a willing spirit

Then I will teach transgressors your ways
And sinners will return to you
Their screams can be heard
Severing heads
Splitting carcasses into two
The transgressors bathe in the blood of the innocent

They'll bow their heads

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