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a pseudo smile
Oh, she'll be waiting with a lying smile
Oh, she'll be waiting with a fleeting smile
Oh, she'll be waiting with a pseudo smile
tranquilliser going up their nose
Welcome to Le Grande Strange Lounge
Stay for long
Miss your body and your tapping shoes
Real who's who and they know you
the reject

I will inject you with tranquilliser
So I can dissect you with my incisors
While you're still alive there's no way way that you'll survive
Like a tranquilliser flow flow bona nou ba gidla
Wack MC's are always horny that is why bang feela
Phenyuka bam Phete bang pitsa tiba tiba
I got you
have to step aside
I'll get to you first
Shoot me with a tranquilliser
I'll laugh with you
Don't tell me how to love you, right
Floating on the pool is
Gutter glitterati 
Bursting at the seams
Gutter glitterati
In their tranquilliser jeans
Got a data high rise 
At the new-speak discotheque 
I've been in solitary
When that tranquilliser hits up your main artery

Fades to the blackness when I think back to the sadness
5 years gone i only
I'm ashamed, I'm numb, Benz fuck
And I don't know
What the fuck where I am

Imma drikin' tequilas shots one by one
Tranquillisers make me calm down
on a opp 
When a woman re up 
You better get geezer
Im a scriptwriter and your tranquilliser 

Il read your soft brain
Hard head 
You ain’t no harden why do
que je suis méthodique
Mais j’ai pris du temps pour analyser
Du coup j’essaie de rester poli
Car on m’a conseillé de tranquilliser
Et j’fais de mon

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