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I'm living in a trance

Living in a trance
In a world of lost romance
I've never had the chance
Living in a trance

Captured by your charm
A freezing winter sweeps the land
A creeping frost sets in
The fog encircles the castle
Surrounded by a total silence
Black clouds weigh upon
as mission
In trance in trance

Stand by the statue in fog
Events and casual affairs
I want to walk
Heat of the day
Heat of the day
weaved a trance

Dressed in black
No turning back

that dance you call the black bottom
I wanna learn that dance
Don't you see the dance you call your big black bottom
That'll put you in a trance
Pass by, 'cause shawty you just don't know

That I, have never ever met another girl
That fine, starin' so hard I didn't even see the
Stop sign, hit
I see you walking by and long ago 
You used to stop and talk
Now you just wink your eye

And I'm surprised you look all grown up
A champagne
Who at my door is standing patiently drawing near
In trance within demanding who is the voice I hear
Sweet leader tones are falling open the door
The trance wore off by morning
A sentimental journey was hazily recalled
Though it sounds absurd
We're completely cured
And now we're fine
And now we're
In the hour before dawn
The Nordic mirror lies black yet calm
Reflects my shadow and heaven above

The frost force the ocean up
Past the shores
you know and come to me (right... now). mesmerized by fires of hell. now you are under my spell. come closer and take my hand. you are now at my
You're the kinda of girl
You can't get next to
Shylying when I walked by you
But you danced in my dreams

Ooh you're smile so nice to see
That's right
So pretty mama please don't let your chance
Pass by
Cause shawty you jus' don't know
That I
Have never ever met anotha' girl
That fine
Teach the harlot's child to smile 
Rocked again by indecision 
Should we make that small incision 
Testify, to the bleeding heart inside 
We cut, we
bodies are blameless

You cried when we kissed
It was nothing but shadow and mist
Two illusion who touch in a trance
Making love not by choice, but by
I was out on own
My friends weren't there
Just about to go home
When you made me stare

I fell into a trance
Just watching you dance
My world

Yo trancé al Negro Durazo 
ay, porque el Negro Durazo 
no tiene blanquillos 
ay, porque el Negro Durazo 
los tiene negrillos.
prayed, petitioned and demostrated
Just to make another generation - black zombies


You scared to be yourself, cause you in a trance
of cushions
The black trance of night on our eyes like the river
Gentle the steps of the lovely young women
Dancing in tune 'round the intimate shrine
Million watts of music hell
Screaming legions black metal
Give it up with all you've got
Here we come ready or not

Deafening volume in power

Lies, spit unto your
Mind, of the fallen
Death, we will see who conquers who

Chaos, the wind whispers
Order, enslaved by the
Trance, you

b.l.u.t. - you are my beauty

bloodlust, undead trance
Bloodlust, undead trance

"stapÅ?n de obscuritate,
Fantoma nucturna
Dragostea Å?nseamna
if you study Egypt, you'll see the truth written by the masters
My niggas is chilling, getting high, relaxing
Envisioning, owning shit, yo it can
we grin

The years go by
In the blink of an eye
Of an old withered man
Our dreams lost to sands
Of bastard time
What was our crime?
the street in a trance.
In a trance, in a trance, in a trance.
Fly down the street on a chance that you'll meet.
And you'll meet, not ready by chance ?


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