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Good God!
A fight we must win
Good God!
A terrible sin

Human Trafficking
Don't you know it's a sin?
To be captured
Plug called said he need me tonight ain’t no discussion
We be hanging with them real killers
Drug trafficking and them smugglers
She said my wrist is
It’s awesome
(Beef Boys)
(Beef Boys)
If you ain’t living like this
Then you
Got hustle and flow like I'm Dj
Scratch the Pyrex like a Dj 
Trafficking drugs on the free way 
Bring that dope back like a replay
Got hustle
to make a living off of trafficking this dope

We really smokers so we roll the whole bow 
We really sippers so we pour the whole 
We really never saying
a African
Keep a steel on me while um trafficking
Just in case anyone ask again Just in case anyone ask again
From dropping bags on my lawyer fees
To the plug
the third lane switch lanes yeah I’m trafficking.

I’m from another world leaving niggas starstruck, up early in the morning feeling like a Starbucks, I got
Cali Homie (Cali Homie)
Houston Texas Ohio Michigan Birmingham
Suspicious FEDs Talking Bout him Trafficking
Cause I'm African (African) American
I ain't movin'
Dope flows, this might get us the RICO
Trafficking audio by the boatloads
Twenty bottles, fuck it, go order twenty mo'
Trafficking around the clock
Bumpa bumpa traffic stop go
Hold my breath passing the cops
Did that since I was a tadpole
Can’t be found without a knot
he bout that shit
Yeah we gone see tonight
Bitch I been trafficking
Bitch I be serving
Bitch I be juggin
I call it workin
I put this shit together
Handle it differently
Stop hitting my line about no it ain’t 10 a g
If you shopping with me
You gone pay the fee
Trafficking traffic from Dallas
to college I was always trafficking  
I took my foot off niggas neck but now I'm back again
If you know me you know I be trapping tan
Ain't never went
Its that bag season
Bringing the package in
They call it trafficking
No time for acting here
I ball like the Madison
I got the baddest chick
Better talk in code when you talk about them packages
And my diamonds froze man I swear that they be African
See a opp like what's
Work up on the scale
Trafficking the kale
Migo named Miguel
Hit me for the pale
We don't talk on cells
Free who locked in cells
Juggin for the thrill
Finessing and juggin that's all we need
I'm wit the gang, please come and see
She swallow my meat while I'm trafficking p's
I might crash the whip
Internet work like a trap and its
More like the Cartel
Attention trafficking
Attention trafficking
OK attention to all
With intentions to ball
They attention
place (got trapped like an animal)
It takes me to another place
Can we stop traffick? (can we stop trafficking?)
Because it's never

Gonna go away, I feel
We don’t buy the bar, bitch we buy the whole establishment
I’m havin’ it, havin’ it
Hustle game, immaculate
Stay with bad botches, they attracted
pop pills
Double R up on the wheels
That's a hot one
Trafficking Frank
In traffic with the tank
Bitch from bank
Breaking the bank
I'm doing good
up from 8 to 10
Got some commas on my check
And stayed the same
Cause I don't know
What I'm doing here
Still trafficking
No more trappin' man
Got one
Real niggas bring balance to the game I'm in (yugh)
Can't escape the scale if I tried, interstate trafficking's alive

Never have I been
driving dog
Yeah, drug trafficking
Yeah, making illegal lefts
Yeah, making crazy rights
Yeah, code over moneyman
Yeah, never mind the ice


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