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to the old hoes
Switched out the coupe for a 4door
Got it trademarked like a logo
And I be with my dawgs like Toto
Oh oh ohh

I swear you the baddest
You stay
something real
The fight to feel

While your next meal is calling
Loosely trademarked as the best fucking thing
You've had inside your mouth
and played it
Say it's unexplainable to us it's outdated
Why I own it I create it trademarked and weighed it
Your left scratchin' your nuts and I still can't
to avoid the subtraction
I think the deepest, while others are laughing
But keep this, I’m trademarked and I’m patented
Protecting my business and all of my
the morning light
Even though she’s psycho
I can’t get her off my mind
She'll screw you til the day you die
And make you grit your teeth
Her trademarked
mouth is mean, it should be trademarked
I'll make you a feen, and call you Pookie
For my nookie you'll do anything
Write poems like Hallmark
Send texts
I think you know I've already tried
I'm not a purest but I've trademarked the names

So you're gonna have to pay me
If you wanna disobey me
y’all niggas up just like ah bandit
I want mah bands so I’m taxing
I’m so fly on y’all niggas tah the top is where I’m landing
Trademarked and branded
wraps and them Games sparked
That's when the games start
Video game bars
You published that
Got the shit trademarked
So get ya bouquets off 
Roll a whole
with the slow, attracting community
Acquired passports trademarked trips
Fantastical liberation for the oppressed and bringing down the rest
you, I could defiantly show you
I own my own rights, my nigha who owns you
You damn fool, I trademarked this
I do edge ups with ya head bobbing
It's thievery taking the songs that are dear to me
Stealing from the bands and their fans at these eateries
It's trademarked logos and likeness
Now here
and trademarked the name
Redefined the vision tunnel vision aim
Yea I changed man I had to grow
Made a lil change need a lil mo
Hand full a cash that's a lil
Novelty is trademarked
And we greet it with a smile
Cause it's cool to be a layman
Stupid makes a statement
"And she's so sexy and successful
a case of bullets for a single name
Can't drink from the well because it's no longer safe
Too many chemicals with trademarked names
How do we get our facts
I am free
I am kind

I am truth
I am light
I am joy

I'm ascending
I'm trademarked
I'm copyrighted

I'm focused
So focused
So focused
So focused

I know you're all dying to see
Our trademarked brand of instability 

These ain't my words
That's not us at all 
We don't want this either 
But it's
The Black Fish Should Be trademarked, Like that  
They lookin for the ones, that match the description  
dont let'em catch u slippin  
just won
The copyright copyright trademarked amazon daily give-away 
an outcast
Funny I never got trademarked for the trend
I was too busy chasing 
The tail end

Please don't disrupt my inner casual
A force of habit to breed
Check out that Bart right there few GG's 
Romar Road Runner Go beep beep 
Ain't sneak nobody don't sneak me 
Trademarked everything no cheatin'
at me from atop the Walt Disney roller coaster 
The Matterhorn, trademarked 
Tell me how you really feel and what you wanna say but break it to me gently
That's a stretch mark 
Real name Taylor
Got it Trademarked
I don't play tag
But I'm still it
No clown shit 
Mean what I say 
No hypocrite 
You ain't made
Flow, so trademarked
Elevated mind, more grind than a skate park
Yuh, I heard he ghostwrote for Shakespeare
I flow like a tempest and tell foes to wait

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