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getting farther and farther 
And the bottle keeps churnin'
Seven caged tigers fly by

Wastin' time chasing those cows that fly 
Churnin' out all that
the time we leave,
At seven. (seven)
I'll be waiting out for heaven, (heaven)
Counting ev'ry mile of railroad track
That takes me back.

Never thought
Or maybe your love is a railroad 
That you ride when you are all alone 
And you speed down the tracks 
To what you call home 

By 7:30 you'll fall in
At seven (seven)
I'll be waiting out for heaven, (heaven)
Counting every mile of railroad track
That takes me back

Never thought my heart could be so
Poor White Folks [Instrumental]

Uncle Pen Album
By Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

The entire album is 'Instrumental'. These include tracks:
The rock of my soul went to church on Sunday
The rock of my soul went to work on Monday
Clean across the levy by the railroad tracks
The other
drinkin' lappin' water like a dog
Tiger Whitehead's in the bed sleepin' like a log
Tomorrow he'll see bear tracks seven intches wide
And by sundown he'll be
Thrives amongst the Seven Gates
Searching for the keys

I have seen the darkened depths of Hell
Sorcery beyond the witches' spell
There's two ways to do this, you see what I'm sayin?
If you feel the board, you feel around
We got tracks one to track 48
We find track seven
your old lady to track number 7
Trying to find more better ways for to find that four letter word
And if you buy more 5 more copies every-time
a bracelet
Just to satisfy your fourteen carat mind.

Layin' by these railroad tracks in Denver
With a hurtin' head and a half a pint of wine
Utilizing tracks inverted by animical
High typical force, space sex intercourse
You get lost, and memorize to the Enterprise
Scotty the Captain, Mr. Spock
(Chip Davis, Bill Fries)

On a cold November mornin'
Back in nineteen-thirty-seven
With an early snow a-fallin'
On the three-foot tracks at Ames
Parapliers the willow dipped
Rolled roots gnarled like rakers
This hollow hole don't hold no jokers or fakers
Don't fall by no jokers or fakers
out? Famous and trendy.

In people always have to smile in Vogue
They only travel by Concorde
Doing things you can't afford.
They are the fashion
give me one good year
I guarantee I'll disappear
I'll make my way to anywhere but here

	© 1969 (renewed)F Seven Music
    Used by permission.
seven years old
Contemplating, planning out my dreams
Which of course would later be sold
I would be happiness and grace
Then wake on this track
Written by: Words/Joseph Deeb, Micky Braun, Gary Braun; Music/Joseph Deeb, Gary Braun

She loved a party she loved a crowd

Now she wants nobody
In the Spring of Forty-seven,
So the story, it is told,
Old John Sutter went to the mill site
Found a piece of shining gold.

Well, he took it
and we're back on the track again

Sixteen six all over this world
We're back from hell by a sixth rebirth
Breakin' them bones and sticks
With sixteen
Seven lonely days in a fifty ton lorry
I know you made me what I am
And I fall to pieces
Johnny Cash in black singin'
Undertand your man from
Tracks... from the 90-tops with the
Twists and plaits, look beneath my hat
Find the braids that hit ya, metro quite equipped
Knows of all the funk that was
Learnin' the Blues
-Artist: Frank Sinatra from "The Capitol Years": Capitol CDP-7 94317 2
-peak Billboard position number one for 2 weeks in 1955
and headed down the railroad track
Told Billy you better be gone from here by the time that I get back
Stagger Lee he went on home and he loaded his forty-four
a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
your game on track, not your wig pushed back
Rule nombre uno: never let no one know
how much, dough you