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Inspiration comes faster than incoming rounds
War keeps blasting through the city tonight

Open up your eyes, don't be blinded by the light
All things must
letting my emotions ride
Touring bar to bar
Something had to stop me
Something had to make me keep it in

I'm cheered by the thought
Of so much thinking
on 24
And it's all love in the city, still scream XO, when that Henny pour
But I'm that boy, not just any boy, what the fuck you think that I'm in it for
It's gon' take for y'all to fall?
That's a serious question 'cause I'm seriously questioning all of y'all
Been touring the world man, I've done spent
niggas that I’d kill for joy
Either Gunplay, runway, trip avoid
Prolly get found by a lil' fishin' boy
Arnold Schwarzenegger, toss a nigga
Like codeine
me like family, I can't forget about my girl named Sandy. "Who's
That" my girl from N.Y., Told me whenever I'm in town to swing by. Real love coming
said that you boring
Don't like him anyway he was snoring
You can have his ass back while I'm out touring

Brooklyn, from the seven one eight it goes
countrymen that died in vain
You're the new prince ruler
The red dog Cairo king
An international inspiration
The number one topic most trending

And now
the motivation that keeps me going
This is the inspiration I need
I can never turn my back on a city that made me
(Life's been good to me so far)

They call
Verse 1: 

Don't underestimate the reach 

Here comes that city brother who lives by the beach 

Defari  work for Likwit organize 

Dodger hats
down the long hall
Down the long stairs 
In a building so tall 
That it will always be there 
Yes, it's part of a pair 
There on the bow of Noah's
were you when the promise was made
To retrurn and rebuild
To restore to its people
The city that gave us the first American music
The true inspiration
Elizabeth Arden products for touring , I got MAC make-up and lots of clothes?for touring , then I went on tour?life on the road got good that van never smelt
dying in my city. Inspirations lost in sirens. It's not easy to live when motivation keeps on dying. The street lights are far from glistening and I'm
better at night
When the city's illuminated by neon lights
When the cars cruise by in slow motion
Like we're in a movie a timeout from the struggles in
no cemetery
When I die look up in the sky
When that cloud shaped like a drop top lac floats by
Haha that will be stak mak look close bopping his head
to the capital city, yeah this town has got me on the run
I need to spend some time out in the great unknown.

I'm lookin' for sweet inspiration, every morning
that's where I'll take the fam
When the reflection joint is done
By the time you hear this, I'll be basking in african sun
Like wow!
We made it
We here
to the capital city, yeah this town has got me on the run
I need to spend some time out in the great unknown.

I'm lookin' for sweet inspiration, every morning
you and I
Upcoming rappers who 'bout to be touring, I promise the road will eat you alive

But you know that shit when you rise
And by no surprise,
This is it


Looking, over a city, that's gritty, and rather pretty
A pity, it's hard to find, but inequity, cover
Every itty bitty
mother was with me
some place judgment against me based on nothing but envy
they pray for my downfall like the song by biggie
born in the city which never
gonna find out, 
On judgment day! 

Yo yo, I'm from van city 
That's the city of rain, I'm from van city 
That's the city of pain 
My girl is damn
Ay yo, this that shit you bob your head to
This that brand new instrumental
I heard he put his city on
That boy Kells so influential
Success got
a stunner
Never saw the gunner coming
Spent that summer in the gutter
Look at that, it got me by the numbers
Whole city got me out of line
Busy bodies,