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brutally honest

Tortuous one, taboos undone
A glittering star on a sea of myriad waves
And a thickening mist, a seductress
Leading lovesick hearts
enter our winter 
Subject to lose yet denying the views, instigate our doom 
Instigate our doom 

Tortuous grind in the crawl from the light towards
is gone
I see you stranger
That's when you know
I see you stranger
Twilight is gone
I see you stranger
Twilight is gone

Your tortuous bad
brutally honest

Tortuous one, taboos undone
A glittering star on a sea of myriad waves
And a thickening mist, a seductress
Leading lovesick hearts
to this tortuous threnody
Filled with the pain
Thou can see where betrayal shall bring thee
Death's obligatory

Where all elements melt to one
could see its tortuous structures

I thought that you
Could lead me through

When I'm shivering in the morning dust again
Then I sliver stale bread
You can't even imagine
The tortuous state I've been existing in
I am allergic to water
It itches my throat and it blisters my skin
Still, I drink
It's a trap
That much is plain
Still,maybe send snapshots
Of all your sweet pain
Playing tortuous games
It goes: Lense, light, fame
Read my names
nails through the neck

Trachea is torn
Gasping sounds are heard
Life is leaving him
But not soon enough

Agony, tortuous

Long nails penetrate
they tell recruits never seem to do

Raise my rank if I should last
Another night so tortuous
Reinforcements, reinforcements
I don't want a tete
Road is long road tortuous
Don't be worried
Sleep happy sleep sweet
Don't be afraid at all
Keep going keep growing under our love
A boy that's so scared lying under the stairs
begs for mercy from all of his tortuous days
He put out a prayer lying under the stairs
but I'm
Re-created, twisted in neo-god's hands

Animals physiologically altered
To increase their output for human usage
Left immobile as designed
Trapped in a tortuous
of training
your sence fade slowly
When you try to raise your soul 
A tortuous path in the dark when you're lonely with the stars
Leviathan - Tortuous one, by your Wrathful Chaos our war will be won
Bring forth your darkness, grant us your grace and enlighten us in your wicked ways
take your final breath

So we die and pile the checks for the ones 
Who are no better than you or me
Make them see the tortuous hatred
In their fear
for symmetrical planning
You can ask for tortuous membrane
You can ask for orange juice frozen

Oh you

You can ask for any old woman
You can ask
No window view tortuous bamboo through cuticle
No destiny child descension
Through the maze of corporate system
Pay cuts and more workload filling
A sea of twisted shapes
Seek salvage from this carnage
Frustration deep inside
Writhe in utmost rage
A tortuous embrace 
Is embedded in their
pleasing thy god
Into a lie, in for your lie
Lost from the path of harmony
Tortuous shore shatters last dreams
Dreams of hope to make it through the day

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