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The Torsion Field  


w dredach
Torsion Adidas tak robię se styl mam dar
Na linii se wypas ej wypas nie wypas wcinasz ej

Lil Dronik ja latam nie biegam
Za becel nie
of the mall

Here's the song of shear and torsion
Here's the bloodbath magazine
Here's the harvest of contusions
Here's the narcoleptic dream

Told my
uncoil, you’ll see
Pop back and you’re
On the edge the barrier
Entangled in the torsion
Of the golden branch
Heresy's got me
I’ll keep splitting your mind
Writing through the night in the morning start to pack it in
Fistful of the mic, thought in torsion got me strapping in
This the type of drop that
just twisted
Torsion forces up in physics
Porter's forces up in business
Man all these orders got me livid, my nigga

Even my team steady tripping, my
called torsion
I got pics of you sucking my dick thats called extortion
Give me the cheese this is coercion
Go toe to toe I'm causing enormous torsions in your soul cordially retort with metaphors vocal chordical torture
You're fortunate I ain't show you my
a torsion
She could hear his sorrow out his mouth and from his diaphragm
As he screams I'm dying man love is something from which I have ran
And my boss
Ich seh' jeden neuen Morgen meine Hood aus dem Dachfenster
Ich hab' Torsions an meinem Fuss
Ich bin jeden Tag am brennen und ermorde in der Booth
bebekleri Cardi B kadar pislik
Bücurları bozar Nike
Torsion ya da terlik
H100 var, boş akbil
Dolu bir şarjörle eşdeğer yürür kotam bil

Eğlenirim olsa bile
can’t think
So I hear distortion, losing my mind nah, I can’t afford this
Cancel pre-orders like abortion
Twisted, like torsion, it’s not like I hear
just spin
Don't speak don't speak, don't cum in
Every bitch got some portion (Boo)
Fat ass got me torsion (Uh)
This that this for a patient
I'mma good
and space' to continue 'em (Continuum) but these ain't advanced Physics
My mind spinning that's resemblance of this logos it's a torsion field
I am light I am
All my wings are damaged
All my scars were unsung 
The torsion pulled on my talons
You'd see me right I was told

You'd bleed like me
You'd bleed
Torsion топчут старушку Moscow.
Мой голос звуковыми дорожками, чай в чашку,
Save projekt, болванку на прожиг. 

Не прячь седины судьба, старь меня старь.
на рынок, ведь без них никак.

Видел в рекламе новые Адики Torsion.
Купил что-то похожее, хотя подошва тоньше.
Да и ошибка в слове – ошибся, кто шил,
llamado cree que estoy extorsiónonandola
Torsión en la mandíbula, soy  piedra como gárgola 
En la espalda como el pipila la suerte estoy cargandola

gruesome, so you better look with caution
I know I'm twisted, man, and I ain't talking torsion

Little biddy bitch
What the fuck you on
I got marijuana
J'fais d'la rétention
Là pour causer des torsions
Faire contracter les dorsaux
Fossoyeur j'enterre les crânes les morceaux
Trop tard pour qu'on s'sauve
to hard
Squat truck pulling up and this bitch hard
Damn I think I stole your moms heart

Pass out pass out check out this ice now
Torsion keys cranked up
muchas pruebas de torsión

Por el cenicero lleno ya me dijeron que no

Por el cenicero lleno ya me dijeron que no

Yo ando sin ITV, yo ando sin revisión
conjunction with the juxtaposed junction 
I'm nothing of importance 
In the whirlwind of life 
When destruction causes torsion 
It's a force in for your might
absorption's torsion distortion
Disproportion to youth's contortion
Kicked apportion, sore shin extortion
Reapportion to Death's endorsement
Heal the portion
was never the right guy and now 
My minds in a torsion you was giving me false hope so now 
I rhyme a commotion in hopes that you would come 
Back I

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