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16 kids 16 ways
They shot my babies by mistake
I'm all alone on a midnight ride
My 16 kids all have died

They ain't coming back
By the Egyptian Gate
I wait in my penance vest
I've never been so lost before
So I can't help myself possessed
I want to be torn through
15 but he's 16 gauge 
Wants to break out from his Jesus cage 
He's already torn out the last page 
It's the "latest rage" 

Violence for
Rolling back the years (years, years)
Flowing by like tears (tears, tears)
Rolling back the years (years, years)
The years I've seen before

Torn curtain
Torn curtain feels more like a rake.
Torn curtain, how much does it take?
Burn it down
Tears, tears. Years, years.
torn and guilty 

Did I let you down,
Say goodbye too soon?
And did you understand
My mistake?
Forgive me 

I kneel down by your side
I kneel
15 but he's 16 gauge 
Wants to get out of his Jesus cage 
He's already torn out the last page 
It's the "latest rage" 

Violence for the people
We shoot 'em down
We shoot 'em down

Free fire zone with my m-16
Vendetta burns inside
Wiped out their lives for eyes unseen
Mercy chilled
Bring me back to an hour ago
Time stands still as the years go by
Brown-eyed girl that's throwing down a bottle of Old English
Back in the warehouse
bath on Saturday
She rubs the sunlight soap around by Claddaugh
Just to watch the suds roll down on Galway Bay
bath on Saturday
She rubs the sunlight soap around by Claddaugh
Just to watch the suds roll down on Galway Bay

Good morning, Mr. Railroad Man
What time do your trains roll by ?
"At 9:16 and 2:44 and 25 minutes 'till 5"
"At 9:16 and 2:44 and 25
by day...
And he closed his eyes
While a gasp blew through its leaves...
And he began to speak...

[Grimnismal, verse 4, 1-6; verse 5, 1-6
Dancing in Paradise... 
Biggy Dread gunned down by police at 
Big Bridge March 16 Riding a mule cart to 
Sav-la-Mar pulled out a cutlass and they had
Paying no heed to what you said
I can hear the devil whisper
Staking no way to his grave

And I'm all torn down
With these northern blues
Got my
Combat boots and a scratched up record
Signed by the hero of long ago
A pair of vans and some torn up blue jeans
This is his world, that's what he
Down, they can't be torn
Flames lit by repression
Burning silence, one cannot ignore

Blazing cries, hatred resents
Pain leads to soul's
Joined up with the natives for the fight

Confused then torn by aggression
Born against a sovereign land
El Battalion, El Battalion de San Patricios
Well, there are 16 people in Danny's apartment
16 people are living in there
Remember the days of rent control
Grandpa remembers rock and roll
always with you 

Were Bound By Blood
Bound By Blood
Bound By Blood

I'll never lead you to burn
Or set you straight when you are down
Now forever were
yeah, oh yeah

When 16 ain't enough, when 16 ain't enough, ooh (When 16 ain't enough) yeah, oh yeah (When 16 ain't enough)

(Break down, break down) Does
judged because of abortion.
Help us to see the blood on our hands, bring down conviction upon our land.
Conscious is seared by the almighty dollar.
to be 
Livin like a thief, runnin through the streets 
Bye bye, and I got no place to go... 
Where they find me? 16 on Death Row 
Dear mama, these
I'm down for all my homies, no mercy for a stranger 

The brother in my set, is 16 is wet 
It's hard to adapt, when you're black and you're trapped
the darkness
I've been the freak, I've felt the pain
But I won't be shattered by all this hate
No, I'm not afraid

(I'm sick of) getting torn down

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