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to his head like Daft Punk
Don't make me open my trunk
Bro got the gas like a skunk
He been servin' from the jump, oh
He was too old for that bar
but it was the only one around
And he needed a beer
So that's where he was found
He took an empty stool
wreckin machine, by all means 

Necessary, I destroyed on contact 

No fear, of getting killed cause I'm strapped 

The Hit Squad's deep, making it sweet
Me and Bill Clinton want to bust in those on homeless 14 years old (she's young) 
Doin drive by's in fuckin pink caddies 
Tie you up and beat you
office is way too packed
Due to sub-machine guns and hand-held gats
Dope is for pigeons and pigeons are birds
So in essence, peep the final words
Don't do
behavin like they are too good
There lived a little boy that was misled
By another little boy and this is what he said
Check it "Me and you kid we gonna
punks ready for the samurai machete 
To make you make your betty 
Of the ones to contend, steppin upon my path 

With inferior dextior, don't make me
and grab some sheeking
Cause later on that night a brother went deep in
Woke up my sleep by some suckers dope, left on my answer machine
Why you stood me up