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Dope Ridas, Cash Money, Terror Squad 
Dade County, I do this fo' us 

Yuh, I got money too 
Bris', I be comin' through 
me too 
So I can count a B cashing hundreds on you to 
I get dirty money bitches know with Ciroc on my rida' 
On the stage gettin' with Diddy Nicki
That's what about rep that A-P-T's
Dope-Boy, just call me a Doe Boy
I'm that international boy, Flo-Rida fo' sho boy
Triple C's the second, I get it fo'
Well tell em who ya is shawty)
Don Dadda, Donk Rida
(See what did, I said, imma go and get me a ill nigga who kno bout muthafuckin chevys, inside
in the streets all I could do is be me
With Flo Rida, nothing in common I'm not a B.O.B
(Hold up) hustle hard and I'm hands-on I'm a good guy that
to make people remember me

Fast like Flo Jo crazy like Cujo
Both I know and you know
That I'm numero uno
My crew is numero

Order in the court
It will make you lazy
I really should have listened
'Cause she might have saved me
But I was too young
And I was too, too crazy

But I got so
to pass by
Lookin at the hourglass, I
See how fast time fly
I keep a strong will to live
I be a old man with a lotta game to give
I'll make the kids do
(Mixx scratches "Yakety Yak")

Brother Marquis:
When you're told to do something by your mom and dad
Don't frown in their face or get mad
gang, die for connect gang 

Throw up spot slang, watch and let my nuts hang 

Down with the 1-O, meet me in the jungle 

Fly, gettin high by
And where ganna be great together [x6]
Where ganna be beautiful together [x3]
And let me show you what I can do [x3]
Let me show you how fast I can get
it tonight (what else)
Only sixteen, way too tight

But age ain't nothin' but a number- number
Baby got her hair done by Shanda- Shanda
Nine nine
law-yers and your bail bondsmen paid
The word on the street's is that I done came up too fast
Motherfuckers want a piece of my soul
Playa haters wanna cut
Kill em with a milli, put a knife in you
Twice in you
Psycho bitches, psycho bitches [x2]

Let me show you how fast I can get to your heart
And it ain't no rules when you in this game

Gunblast echo fast and all I seen was loose cash
I hit the flo' & when they go I make sure I grab
mesmerized by my wrist
When I step in the club, blingin like this
While the bass pumpin the tweeters hits

Hit to the ear tryin to work my twist
dirty-ass ho.
Yeah. Stop by that convenience store and pick up them rubbers - 
magnum I hope. This is Phazon Love and uhh, I love hoes.
I just don't pay
the shear excel,
Comes from another world,
you no my lyrics being held to sell,
I'm too hot for most, 
Never boast, 
Tonight's the night to get high
on the dash 
and wheezed out, "c'mon man, make this motherfucker mash!" 
Ain't gon' mash too fast, cause my tags ain't right 
Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79
too fast
Dr. No couldn't tell which way was the blast
Money, cash (ching-ching) money, cash, hoes
I be the cold nigga leavin' your whole block froze

*kicking down a door*

(Pooh-Man) Bitch where the motherfuckin son at?
(Too $hort's Bitch) He not here ahhh it hurts!
(Pooh-Man) Old Skool