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, open up"
Continued to knock
"Jason, open up, you ain't gotta do this"
What about the kids?
Don't go Judas, you got reason to live
We could get through
The Power Of Their Dreams Can Make
My Hands Fly Again

Life Is Not Being Easy On Me
But Thanks To All My Fans
I Will Always Be
[Jason & Main Choir]
He's alone again tonight...

He must be the world's most lonesome man forsaken by love and all of his friends
I guess when love left him it took all
it good so I might as well rock this
Party tonight, live and outta site
Excite riot, light and do it right
I'm on..

[Kool Keith]
I'll take a second,
Together I know noone else is gonna last forever
You're gonna be alright tonight
No matter what the world throws at us
We'll get back up again, again
choice and not submission
Maybe now I've made you wonder
Am I superstition

Incantation spell gone by
I will live again
My deals will made eternally
Would you love me
When nights are cold
Would you love me
When I grow old
Would you care
Baby it's not easy
Take me by surprise
And say you're
are ridin' tonight
Crusin' till daylight again
Yes they're rockin' this town for the time of their lives
Wishin' this night'd never end

And he locks
are ridin' tonight
Crusin' till daylight again
Yes they're rockin' this town for the time of their lives
Wishin' this night'd never end

And he locks
Indulge your ineffective curse
I will never die

You think by killing me tonight
My powers will not rise
There'll be nowhere for you to run
only lose your balance
But you lose your rhythm and 
It's at times like these that you just need to stop
And not only find your way again but find
as the days roll by
And I'll write the words you love
What I can't say in a letter
Will just have to wait till I get home

There's not much time to tell
By: jimmy buffett, buzz cason
It's been a little fever and maybe bucky beaver
Who made me pull the lever and leave once again
We chose just not
Where were you again tonight? (with cornstalks or among them) 
Moonless night my love burned bright. (o out among them) 
I'm not impressed by
of passion burnin' tonight?
Only love would know, only love would know

She lives on the other side, you wanna know the reason why
She arrives at promises
I never feel alone

Guardian Angel watching over me tonight
I'm sorry you got stuck with me
But I'm glad you're by my side

It's not good
We take each other and walk through the open door.
From the first time that I saw you
To the way you look tonight
I was shaken by your spirit,
sitting here alone
The silence heavier than me tonight
A lost soul found and sold again
A broken stride reborn again

Here among these gilded pages
seize a competition,

So please believe your eyes,
Of sacrifice,
Is not what we had in our minds,
I'm coming home tonight, home tonight

We give it all,
Yeah yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Scanning the scene
In the city tonight
We are looking for you

I am not your tool or your born-again fool
I'm not in the mood to serenade sorrow
There was a time that I could get by but this was once upon
And time and time again 
Your truth is drowned out by the storm I'm in 
Today I feel like I'm just one mistake away 
From you leaving me this
Then let's just start it all again
That's when the evening comes
Oh yeah the evening comes

Wooaah wooaah
No we're not going home tonight
Until your dying day
Oh yeah

A thousand lifetimes long ago
We made a promise
We would not let go
And so I come for you tonight

And we
Performin' live tonight live on stage, captain save-'em-hoe,
And the fabulous case y'all. stick 'em out y'all.
All my detroit playas, let's go!