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Written by bob welch.

You don't know what she means to me
She's a heart that beats close to me
And gettin' back to the way I feel
Her honest word
Written by bob welch.

Don't think your dreams are sane
They're taking over your life
I stuck to you but I found out
That you was the crazy kind
Written by bob welch.

Well I'm a born enchanter
That's what the ladies see
Yes I'm a born enchanter
Down in the city of dreams
Lord do right by me
Written by bob welch.

Now the wind
That's blowing out of the southwest
Is telling me, boy you better beware
Here she comes, and they call her
Written by bob welch.

Don't let waters of caution remove you
Don't let the fire of saints compel you
Don't let the lack of their spirit blind your
would Bob do?

I was knocking on the pearly gates, made of precious stone
Looked kind of other worldly, inside there was a throne
I was let in by
Written by bob welch.

Go on, you know you're only one
Set me free
You take me up and turn around
But let me in
Take this shadow from my eyes
Written by bob welch.

Two different glasses are filled with champagne
What is the meaning of this ?
Cause all of that atmosphere painfully made
nothing to me at all.

Yes' 'n' only if my own true love was waiting; if I could hear her heart softly pounding.
Only if she were lying by me, I'd
Written by bob welch.

I did a thing last night
You know those future games
I turned off all the lights
Oh, the future came
You were by my side
Adelita, it hurts me when you cry.

Adelita, the time is here to leave you. Once again, now, I'll kiss away your tears.
In my heart I will hold you forever
Time: 2:46 beach bum music bmi/beachead music, inc. ascap
Producer: brian wilson/russ titelman
Mixed by hugh padgham assisted by bob vogt at a & m
will make you bob a while
Grab a cutie, Duke her Bootee, bust a ?? box
That's my duty, girl please do me, don't try to cock block
Give nuff respect, I
and my family
Together makes good comedy for TV (hey)
Drunk again, drunk again, drunk again
Uncle Bob is?
Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade
It cools you down
He'll be standin' by me
Just another half of
The two headed freak
But I need him like
My heart needs to beat
At this point
In this friendly verse
Duplicitous chastity preserved for rape

As my vicious circle comes around again
Pirouetting like a fan dancer

Choreographed into the desire
But Bob's a good dude, please let him in
And if you feel in my heart that I long for revenge
Please blame it on the son of the mornin', thanks
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Psalm 104:4, Luke 3:6

When the weight of the world begins to show
When the flames of faith begin to die
should start
By remembering ya gotta pay a fee Dobalina

Mista Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina

Gloryhallastoopid, Mista Bob Dobalina

Ooh, ooh, Mista
told her then
Don't wanna hear you cry again
Dear heart, dear heart
Tell me, tell me what's the reason
Dear heart, dear heart
Tell me, tell me what's
2 Peter 2:20
Words by Bob Hartman
Music by Bob Hartman and John Elefante
There are things that look attractive
On the surface of despair
There are
Speak once again of my love
My ol' broken songs
Empty words I know
Still live in my heart all alone
For that moonlit path
Oh beside the Alamo
my friend and my friend's name is Bob
Like the devil knows hell, I know Bob that well
Well enough to tell you 'bout his sixty-seven smells

Well enough
That's my friend and my friend's named Bob
Like the devil knows hell I know Bob well
Well enough to tell you 'bout his '67 smells
Well enough to tell
hearts & crosses in my head 
There's people on the streets
Throwin' rocks at themselves
'Coz they ain't got no money 
And they're livin' in hell