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his way in the world ya heard?
Ya know through the trial of tribulations that life brings
I lost some friends, incarcerated, some are gone forever
out by the Citgo
But mama always made sure the tooth fairy found my pillow
My pops was always workin', he put the family first
Chicago Saturdays in
way in the world ya heard?
Ya know through the trial of tribulations that life brings
I lost some friends, incarcerated, some are gone forever
Little girls of the world, you're all so sprung
15, 16 and all so young
I thought about you just last night
Grabbed my pen then I started to write
And in the time that went by while I sang you those lines
We lost another minute or two
So, let's not lose another minute or two
Mini-14 like bla'!
Empty out another magazine like bla'!
Let a young nigga get by!
I kill 'em all when they try to kill my vibe!
I am the bad,
Hah, respect!
All crew, all massive, everywhere in the world
You practice the art of hip-hop
This goes out to every boy and every girl

Give me
happened next 
Another bitch came by to give me sex 
It was kind of strange I was thrown off 
The last bitch got her head blown off 
But fuck I ain'tsta
The kids sing out in defiance against a world that has forgotten them
And the media ask, "why are the kids so angry?"
Afterwards they'll go back
Talking Introduction:
Of the 58,000 plus US service personnel who were killed in Vietnam, 5 were only 16 years of age,the average age being just 23
that the world is mine
I start sittin back watchin time fly by
But uh, I'm so proud to say
That the ghetto is the reason that I'm loud today
And you come
more dough choke throats like inhale smoke
Forever ready like nine volt, batteries
Lost casualties, ricochet through ya anatomy
Another tragedy, wit
1. Era One

2. Universal Soul

Underneath the world built by reason
Lay the foundations of a different
Putting light on a brand new
see 'cause you're the one I show
I know we gotta make it work, 'cause baby you're the man for me
Without you by my side my world would be incomplete
thing I gotta do is hit my wrist with the soda
Niggas thought it was over, but bitch I live by the slogan
I told you

Hop in another one nigga
I'll find me another one
More interesting, more fun
The man has just begun!

[Chorus: Bow Wow (Girl)]
It's really, really nice to meet cha' ma
through the speakers like you got no sense
You're wild on the 2 inch
Got your platinum plaques to prove it
Your music's been around the world movin
And it
a dope fiends best friend
So call me the richmond nino brown
Cause dope and money makes the world go 'round
45 k would by my work to, and blowin' dope
The real, for real , Rap-A-Lot Mafia Aaaaaahhhhh
It-wa it-wa it wa it was......
It was once said by your man who wouldn't quit
Stop bullshittin'
way way back in the day
nostradamous predicted the world would be on may
5th, 99, tree years later and change
the World Trades frame got struck by
of the morning that passes by through my window
Another child is born, another dies, and still the wind blows
Spin slow, drawn into strong voice of reason
want to combat tank
My ghetto antics, my ghetto tactics
I smack quick, stick another gat nigga to your ass and acrobatic
Nigga what? Black, my M-16
16 man squad
By the time knowledge was 120 we was just 5 deep
I went from Mecca to Albany a student and landed in medina as a teacher
I had this
and raise)

South Africa, what does it mean?
To burst the scene, or conquer like a philistene
War or peace, which one do you prefer?
Pass me my M-16 for
alright, but the girl was so young
Her eyes was so lovely that money was strung
This kid was 23 and the girl 16
See, another street king had now found his