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to seven

Well I work, shift work,
Ten years man, I hated that work
I made a break with the money I made
It took me to the beach to have a beer by
Six thirty in the morning, I'd just got to sleep
I felt so tired didn't even count sheep
I woke up with six policemen standing by the bed
The voice
Bitch betta have my money
Ah shit, here we go on the one y'all with nothing to clown

It ain't nothing like black pussy on my dick
Someday you'll [F] call my name and I won't [Bb] answer
Someday you'll [F] reach for me I won't be [C7] there
For you've grown [F] tired of all
our own few circles 'round the sun
We get it backwards
And our seven years go by like one 

Dog years
It's the season of the itch
Dog years
Of sweat and tears
	And what?
	(Seven years of bullshit) 2x
	Yeah, I'm sick and tired
	Sick and tired of the bullshit
	B.S., I'm sick and tired
Bitch betta have my money
Ah shit, here we go on the one y'all with nothing to clown

It ain't nothing like black pussy on my dick
around with those cutthroats and thieves
They're robbers and killers of time

And there's nothing worse than an old sailors curse
On the seven mile bridge
at night) 
It ain't right 
(That's why I gotta say goodbye) 

1- Seven long years 
Nothing but tears 
Baby, I'm gone 
Won't see me no more 
Seven long
[Too $hort]
One time it's by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Who we talkin to man, who we talkin to
Any nigga that act like a wha (bitch)
Any any
living alone
The world went by down below
Through the window I watched it all

You've been here seven years clothes on the floor
Shadows crawling
to know and the first to cry.
our summer years are nothing 
as they're Freudian-slipping by

it would have been nice to be someone.
to have and to hold
I'll never forget I was like seven years old, 
I closed my eyes and thats when it started, 
I started seeing sounds, woah

[Chorus: x4]
Time for
money control my whereabouts
About a year from now I'm tryin' to break that new McLaren out
Wheels of fortune on the whip, Vanna White in it
on me
I be sippin' on Patron when I'm jumpin' out Ferrari's
I be rockin' Gucci sometime Louie, I'm retarded
And dem rims by Asanti But the shades by
dome wanted my scratch and my ??
And I'm thinking to myself what the fuck's going on
Get jacked by a bitch fuck this
I pulled out my 80 and dumped six
The moon is full and so are we
We're seven drunken pirates
We're the seven deadly sins

So the years rolled by and several died
And left us somewhat
her boyfriend
You goin' to be by your damn self
While I'm in my Benz with your friend
And she bout to get nervous
Baby I don't want nothing
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

It's the ten crack commandments, what?
Nigga can't tell me nothing about this coke
Can't tell me nothing about this
I call collect get me a 38, now bitch is on
9 millimeter, baretta to 40 cal
By 23 fresh up out the box, bitch I hold it down
I hit the stroll with
the span of ten years
Bitch I'm ten times two on a scale of one to ten
I'll battle ten crews with the strength of ten men

At nine, I was into crime,
Yeah, my bitch she bunkin'
She went from nothing now she somthing
My bitch bunkin'
She only clap that ass for me
My bitch bunkin'
I taught her how
a king (an evil king), who dreamt the wickedest of dreams
An ancient mystery no prophet could interpret
Of seven years of famine; the wolf is at my door
thousand ways
To rise above it and discover brighter days

Tears running dry
Years passing by
When i see our future disappearing in the sky

I'm tired
I raised your ass bitch, brought your ass out the rain
When you was in the red, without a roof overhead
I helped your ass out, by puttin you in