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we're living in the red zone, what am I supposed to do

Sometimes I feel like I don't want to sing at all
Then I think about you baby and I know I got
folk, I'm never the dawg to provoke
Niggas know the status and bitches come cast their votes
In my zone with codeine and plenty of grass to smoke
a metamorphosis 
A matter of time and I'll be like this 
In the dark there's shining an invisible 
Light, cold and bright through the night 
Made by an enemy
that I made love to
It was in a park
In the lower pleasure gardens in Bournemouth
In summer just after dark

My mind was reeling: Oh what a feeling.
One man climbs higher then one bites dust 
Through the dark hours in dark towers we trust 
Forever the rays of light will energise my 
Birds flyin' high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Reeds driftin' on by you know how I feel
It's a new dawn, it's
by the sun, no shame on me
We come out screaming it's the only time we're free
I just breathe out, I just breathe in
I ride the wave until I come
Where rocket green and rocket red
In trembling pools of poising light,
With flowers of flame festoon the night.
Ah me! by what dark ways of wrong
I noticed when I walked in
The room went dark
Somebody better call the police
There's a guy here with no heart
He said he goes by the name
to do it in the range
Breathin' is a beat tempo adjusted by adrenaline
Situations, thankin' God for the situation

In the light, in the dark
In the soul,
see you
Never know when you might walk by
So I gotta be right on time
When I see you, when I see you

I scribble X and O's in my notebook
Checking how
a submission
We told all of y'all to listen
Twiztid monistic superstition
Transforming, like a shadow in the dark, I float by
Looking at you dead in the eye
I noticed when I walked in
The room went dark
Somebody better call the police
There's a guy here with no heart
He said he goes by the name
to projects not one aspect of jiggy
Dark and senile from the dark ages are dark like the the cruel sea
Killarmy, we roll in armoured vans
Mobilizing sinister
thing, it's dark
The sun go down, the tool start to spark
Outline in chalk, moms lift the part
Cases handle in the street, motherfuck the court
lying out there in the dark
The hand of terror stands poised to ride out on the wind
Can we counter this undeserved hatred
Through our science and our
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Webbie] In tha club by the bar wit my niggas we twistin gars spendin 50's wit my boys jumpin stompin makin noise on tha block
shed light upon the dark alone
Get my sparkle on; it's a mission I'm embarking on
A kamikaze in the danger zone far from home

To understand this figment of the lie

Don't breathe the word to anyone
By the time you phrase me I'll be gone

Sweet dreams
See you in the twilight zone
We were strangers in the naked sunlight
Where everything is far too real
From your eyes that smile through the dark
New sensations I can feel

Six-time losers
Hang around the theaters
Girl by the whirlpool
Looking' for a new fool
Don't follow leaders
Watch the parking' meters

Ah get born,
to capture
I'm ready for the rapture
Show me the arms of wickedness, Im ready to fracture
Light and dark, time and Space
Im waiting on Pinocchio to spite
unified by the dark and middle fingers in air
Come on who gon' go half on a zone
Oh, thought I would be done off the coke, no
Let me tell you something ho
playin' a club
Throwin 'a shot down, tryin' to stay above
Ground, another ground-breakin' day in the club
Surrounded by my home thoughts, playin' a cut
in your presence were wisely spent
See Adams & Eves how they intertwine
Minute(minute) by minute(minute), until the end of time!!!

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