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hands are shakin, my nose is twitchin, my eyeballs are real gigantic 
I'm layin in bed, with a throbbin head, and I'm trippin on widespread panic

So I dream of columbus
Every time the panic starts
I dream of columbus
With your maps and your beautiful charts
I dream of columbus
There's an ache
It's an amazing high
That starts my heart racing
I was on till I see you walk by
The panic is gone
Our love won't lead us on

I thought I saw
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
stronger than you ever thought it could
Kiss of judas brings deceit
Necromancer waits biding time
The serpent's venom taste bittersweet

It's getting late
I think my time is running out
No one special
Nothing lasting with inside

How should I stay calm
When panic lies just ahead?
just blow by

And make no mistake, there's women who just wait
For the man and machine with the best time

Rev on the red line
You're on your own
saved my energy

Changing with time
I can't wait for the sign
Is this right?
Day turns your side, but the day brings the pride of the light
take off them twenties and put them big 23's on

Watchin' the latest DVD's with the TV's on
It's hot AC in winter can turn your heat on
You hear them
K-H-J Los Angeles!
Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical transcriptions or tape recordings
You can hear the music
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
Alone, I have been left
Fear, of what's to wait
Global hesitation
My time is over, I'll breathe my final breath
Lying skinnaken,
(Clip of old radio broadcast: 
[sung]KHJ Los Angeles! 
[spoken] "Portions of today's programming are reproduced by means of electrical
man Caprice own
You finna take off them twenties and put them big 23's on

Watchin' the latest DVD's with the TV's on
It's hot AC in winter can turn
the whole world
It's time you cannot wait
Lost Lost in a dark world
You feel the strange but cannot see
Too many battles we carry along from the war
No one can help you now
The air's a mess with panic all around
Half masked flags line the street
It's time to bow your head down in defeat

Words & Music by
Ed Bruce and Phil O'Donnell

Second day of third grade, Three Oaks Elementary
She sat in the first row, I was all the way across
automatic when I grab it
Want static I have to pull yo pistol ain't no time to panic
Fo green or geed killers dive by gats
out the window with speed, somebody
overshadowed by hunger, wars and chaos. outside the
People have ensembled and wait for the decision of their leader.
- Chapter One -
- The Ritual -
distracted by the graphs.
In the resource room Mrs. Petorsky re-enforced me:

Raisins from her zip-lock bag,
And free time after my target behavior I was
January 1, 2000, got up about 11 a.m.
No hangover whatsoever
The rains had stopped, sun glowing
The wind pushing the clouds by like speeding cars
If this lick don't perplex us, wait 'till the next cut
Where we sample chicken factories while hens get their necks cut
Ancient voodoo ladies all
to being fly I ain't talking about nothing
I stay rockin' the best shit, all of the fresh shit
By the time you get on it, I'll be on the next shit

provide ammunition 

The brain cells panic sell two tons of the IQ 

When the energy starts to fornicate  that's when I punch through 

All type hard
tell y'all what the weather's like 'cause my radio's fucked up 
And if we should experience any type of motor difficulty 
Don't panic  take one more

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