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forever and always
St. Marx Ave., forever and always
(1-5-fo'-5) Statik Selektah, this beat remind me
Of them old times back in the hallways
"Bring 'em up dead" 
"Statik Selektah"
"Can you say New York City?"
"Your mind is all about crime, your mind is all about crime"
"Bring 'em up
It ain't easy but I try
Every day is a constant battle
Oh to do right
To progress as a man
Or to fight
Statik Selektah
Uh, listen

Ayo it's
(This is live and direct)
(Others such as myself are trying to carry on tradition)
(Carry on tradition)
Got Statik, and I’ma select
Mic check 1,2,1,2
ready for that (Statik)
Detroit vs. Everybody

I took a bite out the rotten apple by the poison tree
All these females need to email to make noise
brotherhood called the, "Cut you off for nothing" crew
And yes we open the road with less brethren
When Statik Selektah decided he gon' let you have it
Call me
Peace to gettin’ money, peace to gettin’ money

Yeah, Flushing, Queens, outdoorsmen shit
Yeah, Action Statik Selektah shit
Kill yourself now
(?) I'll always love you
That's (?) what always goes around you
(Statik Selektah)
(?) without you

I had good days and bad ones
Man I had happy
And didn't have to sell our soul
It's Statik KXNG shit, everybody know

Bitch niggas do it for the fame
Me and you will never be the same
Statik Selektah

O back around the corner
Got the crack, put in your orders
We ’bout to run up out the stores
It’s notorious,
Statik Selektah
Playing through the broken ankles, man
Never sit down, cause I'ma stand up

Yo book a ticket to the tropics cause I’m through with
Statik Selektah
Shit got me creeping 'round the block, yeah

From the bar to the penthouse, shit done changed
I'm a pro, I ain't playing in no pick
(Are you ready)
(Statik Selektah drop)

Changing my life man
As I sit here and smoke this fucking drugs to the neck
Just be pondering on that
I dipped the cops like I'm Sanders
For minor work, get your momma murked, napkin covered designer shirts
Cause we eating like some animals to say
in the 90s
90s babies it's a matter of time
Sweet dreams my nigga, I wish you sweet dreams my nigga
Sweet dreams, stuck in the 90s
90s babies it's
I put more G's on your neck than a Gucci bow tie nigga
This is what happens when Statik Selektah
Get a rap from Hannibal Lecter, the cannibal
"Cause the feeling - is gooooone! (Ghost!)
And I must - get it back! " {Statik Selektah!}

Trust me, nothing prepares us! (trust!)
They never say
the mag at your liver
Then smoke a couple bags for the fact you got hit up
Ride around bumping Kendrick Lamar, the homies
Looking for a great time, never
the bathroom's busted
Walk around a fool without a toilet to be trusted
I think that girl that walked by crop dusted
See, that's some fool that I just can't fuck
the door
My mama just be smiling, cause she know
I got my back and got her worried
Only thing she ask is that I hurry
Home in time for Christmas for some
or boxed up
Think it’s a joke then bitch nigga done up up
Cuz I’m ghost and I’m still OG
This time I’m with Statik and it’s real OG, wuddup?

Livin rich
got the remedy
Ayo Statik, I'mma wrap it with some shine papers
Thickest fuckin' joint, they might mistake it for a skyscraper
Exhale, you can smell
only for the tokens
Cause they say if who you joking with, chokin' potent with
Tag team the joker chicks, the ones who do some bogus should
Act cool
on swiftly passes life by while life rides the train time always flies
Life rides the train for some it moves slow
Some never find where their train of life
Time waits for no one time never will
But moments of happiness can make time seem still
But time moves on swiftly passes life by while life rides

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