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that she love me but she love the finer things
She's a 

She's a tiller girl rocking that Nike hat
Got the matching shoes and got the matching bag
God Tiller
Aw man that was one of my lazier ones I said
This shit sound like uh 2017 Darth Vader theme song or some shit, I don't know

crush a lot
Game and Tiller lit, and still got what you lookin' for
Stay down, stay down, stay down

'Til the mornin', 'til the evenin' (evenin')
It's Gucci
Brr Brr Brr

Pull up in a Lamb', it'll drive you crazy
Had to cut her off 'cause the bitch too lazy
She wanna ride the wave,
One more man gone
One more man gone
One more man is gone 

The good son walks into the field
He is a tiller, he has a tiller's hands
But down
man is gone

Well the good son walks into the field
He is a tiller and he has a tiller's hand
But deeper down in his heart now
But he's lays down his
Would you still have love for me

You know i got myself together im a go getter
You know im on my grind and write my wrongs no bryson tiller
What if
the spot? Bitches will spill now (spill niggas)
Either staying in the game, bro
Fuck the niggas waiting on Young Tiller to change up
Niggas waiting on me
nigga, I'ma keep ignoring
God Tiller, your flow so prehistoric
Got, got killers, smoke yours or put me in the corner
I'm Cassius, my nigga put me in
nigga, I'ma keep ignoring
God Tiller, your flow so prehistoric
Got, got killers, smoke yours or put me in the corner
I'm Cassius, my nigga put me in
when we couldn't afford cable
That's when I knew I had to put in more labor
Niggas tryna take me out my vibe, dawg
God Tiller, God Tiller, I'm alive,
the work, girl unless you gon twerk something
Lotta ladies, verse on em'
Damn this lifestyle got a lot of perks on it, i'm just saying nigga (young Tiller
of a hurricane
Feel like a desert in the pouring rain
Don’t know why I’m here
Why I live in fear

Got my hand on the tiller
Got a grip on the wheel
But my vision
what we create

But I'm gonna need your help
I'll tiller the soil if you tend to the bloom
Heaven flower, sun shower, let the earth move
We'll light
let them lead 
Don't you let them make you bleed 
Hold the tiller tight and we'll make things right 
We will get through darkest nights 

Kids choke
put on the mast all the canvas she'd take
Then laid himself down on the deck neath the tiller
The ship was his coffin this moment his wake

da tos, yeah
Como 25 es Tiller Ross, yeah (Ey)

Todo el mundo tiene su opinión
Yo hago lo que quiero (Ey)
To' el mundo dice ser tu amigo
Pero yo
the tiller on the course
In her planks I carved a notch and sealed the vow 'Be my Bonita'
And her dowry was my life between the shores

I was born with
put on that Tiller, she'd rather fuck me to Weezy
I remember when your money was young
And you stripped all week just to get the tan Yeezy's
Sayin' all the right things but I don't trust these niggas
And they words, no, been here before you sing T R A P S O U L
Can you hold me down,
know is I ain't ready to go yet
So I jump in that purple Lambo
Throw in that Bryson Tiller, "Rambo"
After that it's "Purple Rain," it's "Purple Rain"
I caught her fresh out the shower
You know the pussy is power
And Bryson Tiller went off, I've been in that pussy an hour
Ay, these bitches fuck
tryna front, but don't
No I'm not Tiller
Tell a ho I'm Godzilla
Monster in the wet wet, I kill it
Dope dick, you better believe I sell it
Hit it so
at a Tiller show
She said I got a reputation, I'm that nigga though
She tryna play hard to get, but I'ma get it though
She say she ain't that type of girl,

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