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Plus in Trinidad I'm treated like the Mighty Sparrow (uh-huh)
Freestylin son, like there was no tommorrow (fuck it up nigga fuck it up)
Running for the Lord like it ain't no tomorrow
Ain't seen hell so I'm winning like Chicago
Yep cause I been called to the pavement
And you know for
to spread it around (spread it around)

Aunt Louise bout to get her lights turned off
She need that
Cousin James on the grey goose hit it off
distilled vodka
'Til I'm under the field with Hoffa, it's real
Pillow-top him like a toupee
Mix the water, with the soda
Turn the pot up make a souffle
Denny's and conduct symphonies
You fuckin with me, you won't live to see tomorrow, faggot!
I keep it gangsta, storin bodies in a dusty attic
You can't talk