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String Quartet Tribute to Hinder (The String Quartet)

of irascible tempest by terror

It forms a vision/it forms a vision/it forms a vision in me

Ride through the mist of misery
Row through the silent abode
Grim nor gale shall hinder clove or heather Ghouls nor satyr 
Partakes goblets and gold fount 

Years have I longed for pleasant times
those inhibiting your mind

Awe-inspired by murder
To trample dead/those who are subject to torture
And to hinder/to hinder
Consistent-The struggle for existence
Exasperated-By the outcome of life
We burn out!
Disabled-Disarmed by the petty differences that divide us!
Death herself had chosen me
To let me watch that gruesome scene
And she held me in her daunting hand

Amazed by that macabre view,
My heart
Subdued by madness reality severe
Pervading my mind, and my actions for years
Flashbacks of combat, now hinder the skills
Once possessed to gain
This phallic snowboard beckons my sensuality 
The silence of the snowfall is playing with my concentration 
These blasted goggles hinder the shading
intension sigh distorted by this chilling
You may take me down but is your spirit willing
You rise and then, I can't pretend
Why can't you help me out, I
find myself lying.

I must have fallen by the wayside
The wheels crack beneath my foolish pride
Give me a sign in your direction
And show me to road
victim of Industrial Disease'
I go down to Speaker's Corner I'm thunderstruck
They got free speech, tourists, police in trucks
Two men say they're Jesus
fear the path that has yet to come!
Surrounded by the fire
The flames that hinder my search for knowledge
Abstract shadows haunt me as the dark clouds
1714 that was the year
The Spanish fleet ran out of luck
The weather was stormy
The sea was lashing, furious

Lightning and thunderstruck
But you stuck by me
Just like you said you would

Hey I know, that enough is enough
But you shouldn't be talking 'bout
Givin' it up
I would do anything to see Him
Cause I know He is passing by 
Won't let my situation hinder
So desperate I'm willing to climb

Ain't gonna let
An Archangel in bondage
Bediademed, souled
With a murder of ravens
But no less Astarte to behold

Abandoned by Heaven
To the dead, dark and past

And if I could I would
Pretend that I'm alright by myself
If you love me as I am I'll
Put my pride on the shelf

If I can I'll pretend I'm
Originally performed by Possessed
Death has beckoned you to hell
You can't escape my evil spell
Past the gates, evil fate
Into the depths cast
race from inside
No grace awaits Thee in the crying skies above

I'm on my way
Destination hell
By the power ov will
I shall complete
The devil's
This is my aberration from the world I've come to know
Opposed to all that hinders the freedom of my soul
Faithless in a future disregarding my
over by them bitches
A quick lil something can't get the back
I don't know where I left my hand mirror type of dillemas will never hinder my jet living

Prowling through the night
Like a bad dream 
Stalking out your prey 
Hear the victims scream 

Driven by the vision 
Ruling your domain
Friday night, I had a few
There she was, out of the blue
Thunderstruck, nailed to the floor
I couldn't move, couldn't talk, anymore

Of all
Friday night, I had a few
There she was, out of the blue
Thunderstruck, nailed to the floor
I couldn't move, couldn't talk, anymore

Of all
I'm strange in a lost mess
I caught a lot of shit by being different, they tried to hinder Tech
By calling him devil worshipper, surfaced up
Can't you see potential you have and what you dreamed if it's not based in reality
And your denial is a tragedy
And your excuses backed up by love can