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the candle lit, my nigga never rowed
Niggas caught him slipping, gave him a shit bag
Five shots to the stomach, 2Pac gift pack
It's death row, conspiracy
I can rock the shit to get ya open
Say your looking for some real shit
Then catch a funkified batch
Like that!
Oakland's on the map
2Pac is
So what I'm gonna do, hopefully, is, I wanna be,
I-I don't wanna be I am, 2Pac Shakur

(Guess who's back)
(Guess who's back)
(Guess who's back)
Death Row! 
Yeah yeah, my nigga 2Pac rest in peace 
Dogg Pound 
Dippin real hard why'knowhatI'msayin'? 

Yeah yeah, stay down 
Gangstas gangstas
up, but gurl yo' pussy the sheeit!


Bun Beeda, Pimp C, 2Pac and me
S-O, N-G, Z
Bun Beeda, Pimp C, 2Pac and me
S-O, N-G, Z
niggas moody with the choppa
Throw a tantrum shoot ya block up

I'm addicted to the green
Yeah, that's a strictly veggie diet
I'm what happens if 2Pac
Brothers know the flavs when the Quest gets loose
Slamming sucker fuckers like the wrestler Zeus
Crazier than 2Pac in the flick called Juice
a bath in it
Get ass in it and I gotta stash in it
Smoke hash in it, blueberry chocolate tah
Smokin chronic make me see shit, like 2Pac alive
make ya jelous niggas famous
Fuck around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is
I'm just a rich muthafucker from tha way
If this rappin' bring me
or you show us love 
No matter what you do money  stack your gunz 'n onez 
Iz you wit me, yo throw your hands in the air! 
All my thugs and soldiers
who got the gangsta shit poppin
N.W.A, Too Short, Spice 1, And 2Pac
And fuck you niggaz rappin wack shit, you dodgin the game
I keep two little twin
begging me
You know what you should've capped like 2pac with a glock
They're deadly, better not upset my thug mentality sucker
You know you done fucked
Latifah, the Queen of the flavor
And nothing weaker behind is watching, kick her
The Digital Under-the-Underground, rocks with Shock and 2PAC
With Money
fear, sittin around watchin muthafuckas die
The faces of death
Who coulda predicted 2pac would be next?
Read ghetto text: if you live by the sword
gonna perish you

These rappers rap backwards, I don’t rap with them rap dudes
2Pac backwards, pull that ratchet & cap too
Back to 93 when I still was
niggas famous
Fuck around with 2Pac and see how good a niggas aim is
I'm just a rich motherfucker from the way
If this rappin' bring me money
Then I'm
block you prolly bred a Fat Pat or 2Pac
Or Big Pun, or B.I., ya homeboys from knee, high
And even when it was storming outside, that nigga'd be by
you ready for my hottie 

2pac 2pac, hip hop 
Sticks down wit' that underground funk. 
With a pocket full of skunk. 
Come hear now babe. 
You been
the gats out the stash box popped 2 glocks
Peace "All Eyez on Me" 2Pac
Everybody know he a boss he gotta floss
He on the same bullshit that sent Gotti up
direction, you never questioned when I said I
Would be a mogul before I visit 2Pac and Left-eye
Eazy and Aaliyah when I see you we gon' test drive
A Lambo
problems and now everybody on my block's got 'em 
I'm screaming like those two cops when 2pac shot 'em 
Holding two glocks, I hope your door got new locks
make it moonwalk
White glove money stuffed in my tube socks
Top down thug life, 2Pac
I'mma boss, I can get ya whole crew chopped
Teflon Don
inside the shoebox
Don't keep jack in my lab, don't wanna see 2Pac
Got two spots, a new lot, flooded with rocks
Shoot-outs making me hot, crooked cops
me to give a nigger-y twenty-one gun salute
That's seven shots for 2pac
Seven for Biggie Smalls
Seven for Freaky Tah up in your neighborhood malls
Yeah, kill 'em, how we do it dun
Get your gunz nigga, we killing 'em
Getting real up in here why'all
What like, is like, is like, is like
How we

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