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revolution what ya'll rappers call 16 Barz I call pollution so fuck you and your distribution

I'm the self mad dollar blue colar rockwilder
Yes I weigh more
very carefully lady
Drive out to the abandoned shack on Highway 16
Throw the package of money out the window and keep driving
And remember lady no
goin’ down
Every time we come around
Y’all throw that money up, catch it comin’ down
Every time we come around
Baby let me blow a hundred on you
build, houses build neighborhoods
Better ripped than turned into a baller or a Davis shirt
Understated to say it hurts, I was optimistic
Tryna see my gang
and throw the Funkytown sign
I'm on that other level, a coffin and a shovel
?Fly? down to put yo ass, before you meet the Devil, the metal
Penalties I pay by
Okay... you said 24 right?
Imma tell you keep it here
I go by the name of Shadow

Yo, yo flow miss me, buy vodka, get pissy
Roll with tech n9ne, bear arms
the police be hollering bout my crew 
Is that about this little life of mine you see, 
Have me sitting on 20's 'fore I turn 16. 
Wouldn't trade it in for
of course you hate it, watch how we rise
Nigga I street talk, the gangsta' walk to be like this
Then I load 'em up, one by one shootin' don't miss
Look, all I need is one sixteen
To brag on my king
Romans 1:16
We brag about him daily ‘cause he runs this thing
Can I do it?
Yes, sir
Can I do
you how to be a leader; just follow your dreams
And always vow to keep it nappy by any means

Welcome to the show, welcome to the show, welcome
I go to the club man, it's no cash
That black card make them chicks move fast
Can you hear me now? Can you see me now?
I throw on my jeans
By the way that we present it

Send it out through verbal lessons
Herbal essence when we spit it
If you hit you gone feel it and get addicted, I'll
make it happen, from the nickel plate to the platinum
It's real shit, think of it, just musical rappin'

Check it out
I'ma tell you what it is when
speed and go by me
I focus my energy and throw my chi
You know my steed, Ces the method
Phone full of pics that they kept for reference
I’m moving
stickin but I be shovin it 

Ready, unload with fat tracks from lootkids 

Doin my thang since 16 in '86 

Hey yo, sayin that the West ain't it
stickin but I be shovin it 

Ready, unload with fat tracks from lootkids 

Doin my thang since 16 in '86 

Hey yo, sayin that the West ain't it
Is this fast or normal speed?
Yea, knawsayin?, yea, Table of Contents
Fuckin wit it, one two, it's the Table of Contents, come on
Uh yea, uh huh, yo
best to come with all fo', when you come up against us
You can scream, yell, cuss, catch a bit of throw tantrum
It don't matter, 'cause a victory you
Throw me a cigarette, dawg! 
They got me feelin' crazier than a motherfucker
I got Bad Azz in this motherfucker

Puffin' on lye, hopin' that it
throw other niggas lives in your pad at night
Its clever when you write it
Spoken well for a dude who never been indicted
You know the deal motherfucker

For this, why it's the X, you retarded?
'Cause I grab the mic and get down, like syndrome
Hide in Rome and to the masses, without boundaries
rappers wit a plaque rollin weed on it
Glocks and pistols on the album cover
Pointin heat in my videos, callin my enemies suckas
I was 16 wit hustler's
this one it's the X, you retarded?
'Cause I grab the mic and get down, like Syndrome
Hide and roam into the masses, without boundaries
Which qualifies me
the rest of his body's still alive runnin'

Comin' with five gunmen, waitin' to do a drive-by
So when you see the black 500 (what?) hide from it
And by the time you all catch on, I'm a end your career 
And walk away with the whole floor so you have nothin' to fall back on!

I'll throw