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We're all slaves to time 
No color's right 
Throw our hate into the fire 

Martin Luther 
Brought the truth 
The color of our blood's the same
of Jawbreaker as the perfect
Wedding band let's just hope that Martin Sprouse does not get pissed and
Break his other hand will Odell catch the poison ivy bouquet
This one' called Martin Scorsese
He makes the best fucking films (x2)
If I ever meet him I'm gonna grab his fuckin' neck and just shake him
And suffocate the light in me
Throw the stones that kill the truth
Deception must be absolute
Rape the mind that will not die
Its sharpest throes
Standin' by the bar
Conversation smart
Felt like my first time
Hittin 106th and Park
Back [? ]
Legs super thick
You know the type you can't wait to go
Martin but we buy by the case long
Smoke back to back 'til our motherfuckin' eyes closed
Paparazzi follow us everywhere we go
He know, she know, I'll be
This an animal's planet
I got animals dammit
My gorillas throw gang signs, y'all niggas can't handle it
Why y'all niggas can't handle it?
One steps down the path of poverty most know the route
not a pot to piss in or a door to throw it out
All I hear, these days, we say, she
dodging the debacles like pot holes in Jamaica
We cut down the weed bury the paper on them acres
Martin had a dream bob got high I still do both but somehow
my dirty Jesse James
The CEO of dirty and he go by Cornell Haynes
Mean-mugging all you niggas like I hopped up out your dame
I'm like uh-oh, there
from you


ladies and gentlemen Martin Lawrence


this is Marin Lawrence's First video visit to a 
recording studio

and his last
I grew up off of Wilmington and Rosecrans
Where nigga's drink 4-0 cans and throw it up with both hands
Support Compton, support Compton, support
We are dying, we are dying
Are we gonna die? are we gonna die?
We are dying

Light a blunt, throw on nas, collect my thoughts
Blow the candles out
of the handgun)
Land of the beautiful (home of the shotgun)
Cursed by the hate we throw (You’re dead if you ain’t got one)
Is this the new national anthem? (It was
and Remy Martin
Some of the homeys from L.A. and Carson want to throw a private party today
Threw on some Gautier and my Rolex link dressed to kill like
Throw up my feet because my shoes too sick, I dos this
AP in the AM, by the afternoon the jewels switch
Day to day, there's so many chains, I can outdo
Fat Joe

And that bitch, Remy Martin

We thuggin'

You know the rest
Got the tank top on that show the vest

I know some chickens that be
name spelled out, my own pain spilled out
No pain, no gain, I blow brains, Cobain
Throw flames, Liu Kang, the coach ain't help out, so I call my own
I woke up on Fox, found myself starring on Cops
Got chased by squad cars and cameras for two blocks
I hate the man, yeah, I ran
To HBO and stole
What's up homey loc, step and you get smoked
I have a dream like Martin Luther King
that one day, yo, I can do away
with the pitiful,
cars by the three's, Bitches call me papa Johns 'cause I keep that extra cheese
Overseas in the sun, livin' for the fun in Milan with some bad bitches
gon' go on vacation
Wait, damn, okay that's way too far ahead of me
So I'm just tryna take it day to day if they would let a G, breath
Cop cars by
to the County with no motherfuckin' bail

4800 with this Crippin', oh well
My big homie Boy Blue snatched me by my coattail
He said trip Dogg, ya better get
Straight to the County with no motherfuckin' bail
4800 with this Crippin', oh well
My big homie Boy Blue snatched me by my coattail
He said trip Dogg, ya
fresh out hit the button top recline
I'm glowing on the pine down martin Luther king
I'm looking like a dream cause the Chevy so clean
Dem j's on gleam