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Thoughtfulness tenderness makes love grow stronger
Thoughtfulness brings happiness makes love last much longer

Love is like a tender young flower
Money can't bring you happiness
It can only delay the pain
Forget about all your thoughtfulness
Because all we ever wanted was fame
Money can't bring
Thoughtfulness is thinking
Thinking of one another
Thoughtfulness is letting other people know you care
Thoughtfulness is helping
Caring for
You've made me scared to be aware
The fear is small and quite unclear
A blurry image on the floor, as I back up to the door
Thoughtfulness is
to survive
One thing it noticed is how much the world shuns him
But praises the butterfly
The butterfly represents the talent
The thoughtfulness
A gentle word of tenderness
(Build your love)
A little bit of thoughtfulness
(Build your love)
And then your love will stand the test

Build your love
as kind, as you
The thoughtfulness you showed has made
A difference in my life
I won't forget how unafraid
You were that long dark night
The way you talk
How it turned me on
The thoughtfulness and the sweetest lips

I needed those days back

I feel under appreciated
Now girls
I have never known a love that felt like this 
You're the one I want to share my lovin' with 
Your gentle way of lovin' me and your thoughtfulness
every day
Believe me when I say it
There is no other way to convey it

No other way, you clown
Your thoughtfulness has brought us down
And that
the people point with fear
For dragons have no thoughtfulness, their egos are severe

My name is Bongo and I may be small
I am the bravest man of them all
Everything. Everything. Everything
Let it be. Let it lead you through a stream of consciousness
Thoughtfulness and thoughtlessness inexplicably simultaneous -
And how do the ones lost in time move on
It's painful everyday
The magnets
On my desk
Everyday no thoughtfulness
In my own skin
My brain is
Thoughtfulness and selflessness, it's a new way
Not for me, but those in need, it's a new way

I testify in You, my spirit's been renewed
The path I'm on leads
I just stayed at home and watch Netflix - all of it
Wash your hands
Wear a mask
5 Feet apart
Step one foot back
Stay at home
It ain't that bad
Drift off in the abyss thoughtfulness 
Dropped often off a cliff by mob bosses 
Left with the fish sleeping dreamlessly six feet beneath it in lost
Daily it’s my breakfast
Lunch and my dessert
You and I unified in Christ
We here to do the King’s work
With timeliness, tactfulness
Torment Me
Don't neutralise in thoughtfulness
The water
Pollute me
By the love they lost for you
For you

time is felt in my rusted core
It no longer matters to me anymore

The thoughtfulness that I find in inherent dependency
Settles the pace of my racing
time is felt in my rusted core
It no longer matters to me anymore

The thoughtfulness that I find in inherent dependency
Settles the pace of my racing
the goodnight kiss and the therapist
Between thoughtfulness and obligation
Between respect and intimidation

Between child abuse and discipline
Between free will
ANTI-GAMEface on. (What)
Our brag is tongue in cheek ‘cuz our music is fun
But don't mistake thoughtfulness for weakness
Dumbed down clown emcees speak less
think, create, act
Expressing sadness and thoughtfulness: 
Human is complex, god is your own mind
untitled like a union
Theoretically and tenderly things tend to always turn up
Thank you for the thoughtfulness, Tsunami tractors turbo
Sendin sacks

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