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You're a nervous wreck
Your I.Q. plummets fourteen points
Her thunder thong around your neck

The song ain't dirty
It's really just the way we sing it
money, gangsta shows
Gangsta purse, gangsta shoes, gangsta verse
We the bitches that the gangstas thirst
Gangsta song, gangsta brawn, gangsta thong

Grab your thongs
We're going for a ride
Singing songs in my car, feeling happy
Because we're going to the sand
I'll show you who I am
But the song remains the same
The first time was better
Playing by new rules
Age-old-game - double the pressure
Half the pleasure

From Full Frontal
thongs, sing-a-longs
The words flew right by my face
Rhythm and motions, a blamma jamma potion
You cannot erase
Quietly making noise, making noise
were really feeling Sisqo's song
About the thong th-thong thong thong that I wanna see
And when you talk like that you know you're really tempting me
didn't laugh at my new Nazi song and
Go and ask that girl in front to come backstage and show her thong and
I hope that guy who heckled me gets hit by
It's drastic, I'm past my limit of coke
I think I'll up my high by slittin your throat
Push your baby carriage into the street, 'til it's mince meat
dollars jus to leave me lone,
Tell the waitress bring mo bottles up cus she can keep the chaser,
Lil mama switchin' by my section she want me to chase
Then he grabbed me by the hand
And dipped my body to the ground
And said


I sent my girl a text
I'm on the way home
She text me back that she's waiting in her thong
She drinking wine and listening to her favorite song

Mike told me this gon’ be your favorite song
Ooh, wear that red one, that my favorite thong
Put ‘em on, I said baby put ‘em on
I said what you
She tried to turn me on with edible thongs 
Plus I like the way she sounded when repeatin my songs 
From Queens to get to her crib didn't take long
I knew it all along (uh) she was the perfect one (what)
She really put it on (on me) I had to write a song

Hey sexy lady (she's drivin' me nuts) I
I knew it all along (uh) she was the perfect one (what)
She really put it on (on me) I had to write a song

Hey sexy lady (she's drivin' me nuts) I
no enemies
I wish I was him

He's got six different flannel shirts
Airwalks not thongs
He even understands the words to Pavement songs
He's got
get, get, get

Gal wid a good a oh god bless yuh
Dat's why nuh man caan leff yuh
Every man a make date seh dem waan to be by your side 
(By your
we goin' out 2 nite
You no how we baller ??. I'm feelin fly 2nite. there ain't nothin' wrong with high heels n thong but the bra is fine. no time 2
in .....
Bring rap storms to platform even attack spawn 

His backs torn by phat song's jimmy crack corn
And I don't care for wack jawns.... we got
to you with your heels on now
Make me wanna weigh you up and give it to you by the pound
Caliente songs on tha hot tamale
Your pants, your bra, your
Brooklyn don
Addicted to Cris' hooked on Dom
15 G's hookers on
Ma, I wanna see how you look in thongs
Hustlin, guys that send Po's
Cause I chop rocks
hookers on
Ma, I want to see how you look in thongs
Hustling, guys that send Po's
Cause I chop rocks the size of mentos
Blame me, trials aquit those
the thong song 
Get ya money gul, show em what you really bout
Rasheeda reppin fo the ladies in the south

[Both Choruses]

[Verse 3: Petey]
I can
You're pregnant with my kid
By the fireplace, we watch his doo-rags burn
I remodeled you, gave you the diamonds he couldn't wisely concern
Always talkin
to see rumps in Farragama thongs
Bet it look plump when you got pajama's on,
Jump in, let's hit the Bahama's ma',
And it's crunk whenever I'm

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