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[Zion I] 
See Grouch you my guru leader 
So I don't need to pack no heater 
Like syrup you make this sweeter 
This ballad is beemer teeter 
and, one way or another, umm, life is unpredictable
My little brother's rich and Wolfhawk Tommy he's a father
Aesop's got a car and they say, armageddeon
Thank God I never made it to Earth, what a happy place
how I long to be depressed, to be a grouch, get away

Yo, Yo Here I stand in the desert
probably didn't deserve it in this life time but you lift it
now what do you know now?
can you recall and recognize how it goes down when it does?
trippin or never around
and my sound is never quite the way I want it
But somehow, some way or another
I manage to find fun in this life I lead
So I travel
passage, crack cocaine
Ten slap in the 'lac, corner boys ground packs
In the belly of the beast where the life go flat
But the music is the remedy, inhale
There's no blanket for the truth (I can't see!) 
I got a loose end of a lie, this amateur he tried to get by 
The size is more greater, and equator more
days I go by William'
And he talked about his new life and money he'd made out West

And he tried his hardest not to be that old boy we all new
'Til he
There's no blanket for the truth (I can't see!) 
I got a loose end of a lie, this amateur he tried to get by 
The size is more greater, and equator more
yo life by any means

This is for those who know we all gon' die
Set up that way by infinite powers
Those who know the feel of chains
get to the phone right now because my boss is all in this bitch mouth
When did we start taking these tricks out?
Now she gon' run her big mouth
Now I really know why they call this fool The Grouch
	The nerve of this fool just coming..
	out of nowhere, into my room..
then you can call me crazy
For now, raise me up in your headphones
What the fuck?  GROUCH!
Another nut..

Never waste my life, don't recommend you do
the rippers

We're livin' life like a special occasion
Like every day is gluey as night (every day is gluey as night)
We're livin' life like a special occasion
Aiyyo  aiyyo 
The modern day  multi rap  Penny Hardaway 
Allah's way  God's day  Range in the garage way 
Freak this  slap meat on this
pressing me like time
Rhymes is just illusions
A world in confusion
A dream of revolution
These reflections like mine in the puddle of life
Skip rocks,
brother John. T
Hey hug each other. 
A Visit To The Doktor 

John bitterly explains that the entire life of the Slipperman 
Is devoted to satisfying
[Chorus: Grouch]
No strings are attached
This is who I am
My rap is not an act
I am my own man

I don't want it to be how it used to be
I want
No diamonds would be bought by this man
If I took a lucky strike and hit the jackpot
Would I rot in hell or prosper
Cottontail the offer
Yo, this is the Ying Yang Twins with a ghetto service public announcement.

Red Line(3x)
Stay by yo self, by yo self

Choke by myself, drink by
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
way to avoid
It's better without being unemployed
Pero yo leta is some thing que no soy

a little somethin like this"}

Yeah, yo, check it out
I'ma walk in gutta, get that butter
Only dude with a weed sign on the chucker
Hood down, car
destiny preordained
Trying to live righteous
Fighting for life, this my life
That's why I liked on my vices
Tightening the vices of truth on the roofless
happens by chance
This is your life here in your hands
You gotta fight to take the stand
And I know you might not see it
But the high can fall so fast