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Oh friend of mine, how to say goodbye
This was your time, but the armor you
Wore was mine, I will not rest until
Hector's blood is spilled
to the old school
Girl my body's callin' you
Ain't nothin' on this planet rob won't do for you
I'm a pick you up in my Phantom Babe
Hit the club and go
Sick and there's no cure
Bad case of V.I.P.
Still in the game killing you can call us M.V.P.
Whole fucking club jump in your cars and follow me
happened, unnoticed and untouched
This is gonna work it's a promise you can count on
This is revenge for anyone who's been pounded on

There's a bomb in
Guys like pretty girls in the world (Let's get this know what I mean?)
Women love men with money (Oh shit you got my nigga Carl on this too?)