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And comin' in you get the 3rd world war

Tuesday after school
We put our pennies on the rails
And when the train went by
We were jumpin' round
hataz hate to the 3rd degree 
They say I'm too gutta homie for TV 
I'm who these white folks don't want they kids 2 see 
But I'm the new owner of these
the 3rd degree
The 3rd to be urgen me, these niggas want to murbed me
They scared of the consequences comin' from my defenses

It ain't that expensive, have
haters hating
I'm 3rd degree say I'm to gutta homie 4 T.V.
I'm who these white folks don't want they kids 2 see
But I'm the new owners of these fucking
the Illuminati stripped us of Bohemian growth
Burning 3rd degree free masons of old the American Chapter, "the skull and bones"
The matrix sign of the sacred
guts when shit gets real
Blood spills on tha curbs of dat 3rd
Killa connection train to serv, Magnolia niggas words
Why's dat? they say uptown's a cut
in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't wanna be me
I'm up in the mix of action, where niggas wanna kill me
But it's the start of they ending my
confused about a lot of things, but not with my fate
So I'm depending on your holy ghost to guide me the way
See I'm a sinner in the 3rd degree
Ain't afraid
stand the heat
'Cause it's comin' out the kitchen givin' burns 3rd degree
Get you ace bandages and alo vera for the barbeque
The closer to the Lotus
Man, I'm like the Feds, I bring down your establishment
Under the Rico, I purchased my 3rd quarterly from Bob Cito
Got your block locked like
I've got a feeling like a third degree
I'm burning baby burning
Gonnna lose my mind
And I feel alive for the first time

I'm alive for the first
In the lighthouse by the sea, at the thirty-third degree
You make me feel so special and free
But there's something in the air turning stutters
there are some here amongst us that are not playing to the rules

I've rounded up the lowlife and local CID
Offered a free massage or else the third
bag suckers

[Chorus: x2]

I got my locs on cause my eyes are burgundy
And when I get home I don't want the third degree
The verdict be urgently
They say all things come in threes three by three
Here comes the third degree

Where were you hiding
When the storm broke
When the rain began
ever satisfied?

Day after day innocent people are being deported, interrogated and tortured, put through the third degree

Fundamentalist forces are
want to try to anymore

I would choose to accuse you
Strike the fire
Issue a decree
Ask you why
Watch you take the fifth as I
Give you the third degree
feelings the third degree
No need to think twice 
As long as I've got you for me
I don't ask why
I don't ask why

What good would it do me knowing
bag suckers

[Chorus: x2]

I got my locs on cause my eyes are burgundy
And when I get home I don't want the third degree
The verdict be urgently
be ever satisfied?
Day after Day innocent people are bing deported,
Interrogated and tortured - put through the third degree.

the science of creation
About the Masons, about their nation
Of disarm, this arm, a lega lega or a head
To the thirty-third degree, you know that's me
giving fate the third degree
I've been eyes on the pavement, admitting my part to strangers passing me

And I know it isn't fair, but nothing's ever
Now I'm sitting here begging on my knees
Take me back, I'll do anything including please
I didn't mean to burn a bridge third degree
could look inside of me
Before you start your third degree
You would know exactly how I feel
No one else can take your place
I love you more, more
a MD 
And y'all motherfuckers giving me the third degree 
Look at the waiting room 
It's filled to the rim like the county jail day room 

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